Contributors and their Confessions

From its very beginnings, the PIAC has gratefully received contributions and constant support by some of the most reknowned scholars in the various branches and fields of Central Asian, Altaic, Oriental and Far East Studies. As long as contributions take the form of article submissions, they can be found in the many volumes of proceedings which have been published over the years; the confessions (see below) are different in nature; they were never thought to be permanent, but it was decided to reserve a record from them, too.

A much-prized feature of the annual meetings of the PIAC are the so-called confessions at which each participant in his or her turn informs the plenum of ongoing work, projects, and future publications. The obvious usefulness of such exchanges of information is further increased by the participation of scholars who would not normally meet as any annual meeting has participants from between 10 and 20 countries. These confessions allow first-time participants to introduce themselves; for regular participants, they offer an opportunity to share information about ongoing work. Confessions are not drafted speeches, hence the written equivalent offered here combines both elements: an introduction of the person, as well as (updated) information on ongoing projects and publications.

Contributors (in alphabetical order)