Liu Ge

Liu Ge


Birth Date: 1950-08-04

Position: Professor

Education: Majored in Chinese Language and Literature, Xinjiang University, 1975

J.D. in Ethnology, Educated in Lanzhou University and Northwest University, 1995-1998

Academic Specialty: History of Ancient Uygur, Uygur Contracts and the Language


Key Teaching Work: Chinese National History, Science of Northwest Minority Historical Materials

Key Research Work: History & Culture of Ancient Uygur, Uygur Contracts and its Writing Structure

Key Publications:

  1. Index of Articles on the History and Geography in the Western Regions (Chief Editor), Xinjiang Peoples’ Press, 1988.
  2. The Reading Guide for Uighur History, Xinjiang People’s Press, Guo Pingliang ,Liu Ge, 1995.
  3. Commitment “Dictionary of Chinese History” section of the national volume of work written 58pieces,”Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House, 1995 .
  4. The Primary Exploration on Contract Documents in Uighur Script, Taiwan WuNan Press, 2000.
  5. Annotation and Translation of contracts for Buying and Selling-Documents in Uygur, China Publishing House, 2006. (This book used to be one of the projects of National Social Science Foundation of China.)
  6. Exact Era of Uygur Contracts StudyChina Publishing House, 2016. (This book used to be one of the projects of National Social Science Foundation of China.)
  7. Collections on oasis of Uygur grassland, National Publishing House, 2016.

Participation in International Conferences:

  1. The 36th meeting of PIAC, May, 1993 (Kazakhstan-Almaty), theme: изучение уйгурского истории в китае.
  2. The 48th meeting of PIAC, July, 2005 (RussiaMoscow)theme: An Elucidation of yägän in the Contract in Uygur.
  3. The 49th meeting of PIAC, July, 2006 (Germany – Berlin)theme: washing blood with water–Review and introduction of Uygur Khan Dunmohe Outstanding statesman in Altai times, China in Eighth Century Report at Altai Session.
  4. The 50th meeting of PIAC, July, 2007 (RussiaKazan)themeresearch on Words and Phrases in Stereotyped Expressions of Voucher in the Contract in Uygur.
  5. The 52th meeting of PIAC, July, 2009(China-huhehaote), theme: Versions in Three Languages of the Contract in Uygur and Their Issues.
  6. The 54th meeting of PIAC, July, 2011(United States-Indiana)theme: weddings of Uighurs Khan and Princess of Tang Dynasty.
  7. The 55th meeting of PIAC, July 2012 (Romania- Cluj-Napoca)theme: A Glimpse of the Uighur’s Family and Society In Gao Chang in the Yuan Dynasty of Mongolia Through An Ancient Uighur Document.
  8. The 56th meeting of PIAC, July 2013,(Turkey–Kokaeli University)theme: The Turpan Non-free Women in the perspective of Addressing Women slaves in the Era of Mongolia and Yuan Dynasty — Research on Uygur documents Unearthed in Turpan.
  9. The 57th meeting of PIAC, Sep. 2014,(Russia -Vladivostok)theme: An inquiry into čïn bitigin Uyghur contract with 亲契 as its Chinese Version.
  10. The 58th meeting of PIAC, Sep. 2015, (Slovakia-Dunajska Sreda)theme: Research on the Ancient Uighur Documents in China in the 21st Century.
  11. The 59th meeting of PIAC, June, 2016,(Turkey -Ardahan)theme: on the Theory of Regular Script in Uighur Calligraphy.
  12. The 60th meeting of PIAC, August,2017, (Hungary, Székesfehérvár)theme: research on the Phenomenon of Alternation of d/t in the Written Contracts of Uygur in the Mongolian Era.