Pang, Tatiana


  • 29th Meeting, 1986: Функции маньчжурского причастия с показателем -нъгэ
  • 33rd Meeting, 1990: Manchu Wedding Ceremony
  • 35th Meeting, 1992: New Evidence About Shaman Practices Among the Sibe-Manchu People in Xinjiang
  • 38th Meeting, 1995: N. N. Krotkov’s Account of his Trip to the Sibe Buddhist Monastery in 1899
  • 41st Meeting, 1998: The Manchu script reform of 1632: New data and new questions
  • 44th Meeting, 2001: The Destiny of Qing Taizu Nurhaci’s Second Wife Gundai
  • 46th Meeting, 2003: Daily Food of the Sibe People in Xinjiang
  • 48th Meeting, 2005: The Worship of Fodo-mama – Progenitor of the Manchus
  • 49th Meeting, 2006: The Changbaishan According to Travellers’ Accounts
  • 50th Meeting, 2007: Manchu Shamanism in the Context of Far-Eastern Religions
  • 51st Meeting, 2008: “Political and Ideological reasons of the Manchu Emperors Eastern Tours
  • 52nd Meeting, 2009: “Heaven speaks to Manchus”
  • 53rd Meeting, 2010: (President) A Manchu Imperial Patent from the Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 55th Meeting, 2012: “Controversy for State Ideology: Buddhism and Confucianism during the First Manchu Emperor
  • 56th Meeting, 2013: “Do the Plant Names (Jap) Fiye and (Ma) Hife “Barnyard Grass” Share the Same Origin?”
  • 57th Meeting, 2014: “Manchu Studies by A.V. Grebenshchikov at the Oriental Institute in Vladivostok