Minorsky, Vladimir / Влади́мир Фёдорович Мино́рский

Minorsky, Vladimir Fyodorovich/ Влади́мир Фёдорович Мино́рский (January 24 [February 5], 1877 — March 25, 1966)


  • 4th Meeting, Cambridge 1961


Professor Vladimir Minorsky died on March 25, 1966 in his Cambridge home, at the age of 89. Members of the PIAC are well aware of what we all owe him and a detailed obituary notice would be out of place in a publication as ephemeral as this Newsletter. Professor Minorsky attended but one of our meetings, the one held in Cambridge in 1960. But most of us knew him, and to all of us his name was the epitome of scholarship at its highest level. Our deepest sympathy goes to Madame Minorsky to whom he owed so much, and to whom, therefore, we are all indebted. May he rest in peace. His work will live far beyond the span of our own lives.

(Source: Permanent International Altaistic Conference Newsletter No. 1, July 1966, p. 2)