Tryjarski, Edward

E. Tryjarski, Warszawa

PIAC Medal awarded in 1998


7th Meeting, 1964: ‘Das Pferd’ in den Armenisch-Kiptschakischen Texten (s. Proceedings)
9th Meeting, 1966: Rangs, titres et fonctions dans certains textes arméno-kiptchak (s. Proceedings)
11th Meeting, 1968: Beekeeping among the Turks (s. Proceedings)
12th Meeting, 1969: Zur neueren Geschichte des Ongin-Denkmals (s. Proceedings)
13th Meeting 1970: Les religions des Petchenègues (s. Proceedings)
17th Meeting, 1974: Der zweite Brief des Paulus an die Korinther in armeno-kiptschakischer Version und seine Sprache (s. Proceedings)
18th Meeting, 1975: Interjections in Some Languages of Western Turkic (Codex Cumanicus, Arabo-Kipchak, Armeno-Kipchak, Karaim, and Kazan Tatar) (s. Proceedings)
19th Meeting, 1976: Turkic names for mushrooms — native terms and loan words (s. Proceedings)
20th Meeting, 1977: The dog in the Turkic area: An ethnolinguistic study (s. Proceedings)
23rd Meeting, 1980: Zur Frage einiger Parallelen zwischen den Bestattungsritualen der Alt-Türken und Chinesen (s. Proceedings)
24th Meeting, 1981: Names for Monetary Units, Measures, and Weights in Armeno-Kipchak Texts (s. Proceedings)
25th Meeting, 1982: Towards a Better Knowledge of the Turkic Military Terminology (s. Proceedings)
27th Meeting, 1984: Der „Englische Gruß“ in einer armeno-kiptschakischen Handschrift wiedergefunden (s. Proceedings)
28th Meeting, 1985: A New Edition of the Armeno-Kipchak “Chronicle of Venice” (s. Proceedings)
32nd Meeting, 1989: Pigeons on the Turkish Roof. Some Historical and Linguistic Remarks (s. Proceedings)
33rd Meeting, 1990: Some Presumable Protobulgarian Rings, Their Signs and Ornamental Motifs (s. Proceedings)
34th Meeting, 1991: Origin of Royal Sovereignty and Doctrinal Legitimacy of the Ruler According to Yūsuf Khaṣṣ Ḥājib of Balasagun (s. Proceedings)
37th Meeting, 1994: Polish authorities on Saint Hyacinth’s missionary activity among the Altaic peoples (s. Proceedings)
39th Meeting, 1996: The Unity or Multiplicity of Runic Scripts. An Account of the Attempt to Isolate a South Yenisei Alphabet (s. Proceedings)
41st Meeting, 1998: Some novelties of the Runica Bulgarica (s. Proceedings)
43rd Meeting, 2000: Two Prayers of an Armenian Alchemist from Lvov (s. Proceedings)
44th Meeting, 2001: On Turkish Women in a Polish Work of the 17th Century (s. Proceedings)
45th Meeting, 2002: A Prayer and Alchemic Symbols in an Armeno-Kipchak Text (s. Proceedings)
48th Meeting, 2005: Terminology of Family and Kinship in Kipchak Texts of the Polish Armenians and in the “Codex Cumanicus” (s. Proceedings)
49th Meeting, 2006: A Polish Account on the Buriats in the Middle of the 19th Century (From Agaton Giller’s Memoirs) (s. Proceedings)
50th Meeting, 2007: Kazan in Polish Historical Consciousness: Prisoners and Orientalists (s. Proceedings)
53rd Meeting, 2010: The Buriat Buddhism in Agaton Giller’s Memoirs (s. Proceedings)
55th Meeting, 2012