Themes of Annual Meetings

A good half or more of all Annual Meetings of the PIAC features a general theme. This general theme describes a broader area of research and as such serves as a source of inspiration for contributors.

Themes are listed in alphabetical order. Words of purely grammatical function (like definite articles in English and German) are ignored.

Sometimes, an annual theme, or rather, its wording, was not strictly defined. Hence, different source report different aspects of the same theme, as in 1966. At the business meeting of the 08th Meeting, the theme was announced as “Ranks and Titles” (see below), but then the alternative  form “Ancient Mongol and Turkish Titles” was also used.

Around the Altai, 66th Meeting, Göttingen 2024

Altaic Affinities, 40th Meeting, Utah 1997 (Proceedings)

Altaic Religious Beliefs and Practices, 33rd Meeting, Budapest 1990 (Proceedings)

Altaic Studies: History of the Art and its Future Perspectives, 58th Meeting, Dunajská Streda 2015

Altaic Studies in Interdisciplinary Research – Challenges in Archaeology, Linguistics, Ethnography, Anthropology and History, 57th Meeting, Vladivostok 2014

Altaica, 19th Meeting, Helsinki 1976 (Proceedings)

Altaica Budapestinensia MMII, 45th Meeting, Budapest 2002 (Proceedings)

Altaica Osloensia, 32nd Meeting, Oslo 1989 (Proceedings)

Altay dünyasında gündelik hayat (Everyday life in the Altaic World), 46th Meeting, Ankara 2003 (Proceedings)

Anniversaries, Feasts and Celebrations in the Altaic World, 54th Meeting Bloomington 2011 (Proceedings)

The Problems of Bilingualism and Diglossia: Linguistic Education in the Altaic World, 28th Meeting, Venice 1985 (Proceedings)

Aspects of Altaic Civilization, 05th Meeting, Bloomington 1962 (Proceedings)

Aspects of Altaic Civilization II, 18th Meeting, Bloomington 1975 (Proceedings)

Aspects of Altaic Civilization III, 30th Meeting, Bloomington 1987 (Proceedings)

Human Emotions, 18th Meeting, 1975 (Proceedings)

Feudalism in the Altaic World, 10th Meeting, Manchester 1967

Popular Games in the Altaic World and Related Customs and Traditions, 61st  Meeting, Bishkek 2018

Expressions of Gender in the Altaic World, 56th Meeting, Kocaeli 2013

Hierarchy and Status in the Altaic World, 55th Meeting, Cluj-Napoca 2012

Historical and Linguistic Interaction between Inner-Asia and Europe, 39th Meeting, Szeged 1996 (Proceedings)

Historical relations among the Altaic Languages. 14th Meeting, Szeged 1971 (Proceedings)

Studies in the History and Culture of Central Eurasia, 24th Meeting, Jerusalem 1981 (Proceedings)

The Horse in ancient Altaic Civilization, 07th Meeting, Arnhem 1964 (Proceedings)

Hunting in the Altaic World, 08th Meeting, Schloß Auel 1965 (Proceedings)

Ideas behind symbols — languages behind scripts. 60th Meeting, Székesfehérvár 2017 (Proceedings)

Die Jagd bei den altaischen Völkern. 08th Meeting, Schloß Auel 1965 (Proceedings)

Kazan and the Altaic World, 50th Meeting, Kazan 2007 (Proceedings)

Kinship in the Altaic World, 48th Meeting, Moscow 2005 (Proceedings)

Krieg und Frieden in der altaischen Welt, 15th Meeting, Wien/Strebersdorf 1972 (Proceedings)

Language and Cultural Maintenance in the Altaic World, 42nd Meeting, Prague 1999

Life and Afterlife & Apocalyptic Concepts in the Altaic World, 43rd Meeting, Lanaken 2000 (Proceedings)

Man and Nature in the Altaic World, 49th Meeting, Berlin 2006 (Proceedings)

Le monde altaïque et ses contacts avec l’Ouest, 37th Meeting, Chantilly 1994 (Proceedings)

Myth and Mystery in the Altaic World, 52nd Meeting, Huhhot 2009 (Proceedings)

Die nomadische und städtische Kultur Mittelasiens, 23rd Meeting, Strebersdorf 1980 (Proceedings)

Ranks and Titles, 09th Meeting, Ravello 1966 (Proceedings)

Traditions religieuses et para-religieuses des peuples altaïques, 13th Meeting, Strasbourg 1970 (Part I: Proceedings, Part II: Turkica)

Religion and State in the Altaic World, 62nd Meeting, Friedensau 2019 (Proceedings)

Religious and Lay Symbolism in the Altaic World, 27th Meeting, Walberberg 1984 (Proceedings)

Researches in Altaic Languages. 14th Meeting, Szeged 1971 (Proceedings)

Roads and Travelers in the Altaic World, 51st Meeting, Bucarest 2008

The Role of Women in the Altaic World, 44th Meeting, Walberberg 2001 (Proceedings)

New Sources for the Study of the Altaic World, 65th Meeting, Astana 2023

The Concept of Sovereignty in the Altaic World, 34th Meeting, Berlin 1991 (Proceedings, Report)

Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur der altaischen Völker, 12th Meeting, Berlin (DDR) 1969 (Proceedings)

The Altaic concept of the state and its expression in various aspects of culture, 16th Meeting, Ankara 1973 (Proceedings)

Statehood in the Altaic World, 59th Meeting, Ardahan 2016 (Proceedings)

Ancient Mongol and Turkish Titles, 09th Meeting, Ravello 1966 (Proceedings)

Tradition and Modernity in Altaic Lands, 47th Meeting, 2004

Unknown Treasures of the Altaic World in Libraries, Archives and Museums, 53rd Meeting, St. Petersburg 2010 (Proceedings)

Venice and Italy in their Relationship with the Altaic World, 28th Meeting, Venice 1985 (Proceedings)

Writing in the Altaic World, 41st Meeting, Majvik 1998 (Proceedings)