Anikeeva, Tatiana A.


  • 48th Meeting, 2005: “Kinship in the Epic Genres of Turkish Folklore”
  • 51st Meeting, 2008: The system of the spatial orientation in the “Book of Dede Qorqut”
  • 56th Meeting, 2013: “Women” mass literature in the Ottoman Empire in 19th century: sources and formation
  • 58th Meeting, 2015: “The art of the book illustration in litographies of the Turkish folk narratives”
  • 60th Meeting, 2017: “Turkic manuscripts and old-printed books of the Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages: to the history of oriental studies in Russia”
  • 61st Meeting, 2018: “To the representation of an enemy in the “Book of Dede Korkut” epics”
  • 62nd Meeting, 2019: Handwritten registers of the kadılık of Ahıyolu as the source for the history of the late Ottoman Empire