Finch, Roger

Roger Finch, (April 17, 1937 – October 4, 2019)


  • 41st Meeting, 1998: “Korean Hankul and the h̠P‘ags-pa script”
  • 43rd Meeting, 2000:
    • Communication: “Shamanistic Terms in the Altaic Languages”
    • Proceedings: “Distribution of the ‘Shaman’s drum’ or single-headed frame drum”
  • 45th Meeting, 2002:
  • 48th Meeting, 2005: “The Suffix /-ko/ in Japanese”
  • 49th Meeting, 2006: “Folk Taxonomy of Japanese Birds”
  • 52nd Meeting, 2009: “The Polyphemus Figure (Depegöz) in The Book of Dede Korkut
  • 54th Meeting, 2011: “Christianity among the Cumans”
  • 56th Meeting, 2013: “Gender Distinctions on the Nouns and Pronouns of the Altaic Languages”


In 1989, Denis Sinor writes:

In recent years Dr. ROGER FINCH published a number of articles of potential interest to members of the PIAC. They appeared in Waseda Daigaku Gogaku Kyôiku Kenkyûsho: Kiyo (Bulletin of the Institute of Language Teaching. Waseda University) and include: “A Middle Mongolian Invocation of Manjusri,” “The Hymn to Mahakali by Coski Odser,” “The Three Evil Existences in Middle Mongolian,” “Toward a Reconstruction of the Chinese Characters used for The Secret Historv of the Mongols,” “Chapter XXX of the Uigur Suvarnaprabhasottama Sutra (Altun yarug).” He also published an article on “Vowel Harmony in Yakut,” (Sophia Linguistica (Tokyo) 18 (1985), pp. 1-17.