45th Meeting Budapest, 2002: Programme

This programme of the 45th Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC), held in Budapest in 2002, is a faithful reproduction of the original programme booklet distributed at the 45th Meeting, with some minor amendments: Neither the dinner on the first evening of sessions nor the business meeting were marked in the printed programme, I added these two items according to the hand-written marks of the owner of the programme booklet.

In addition, the 45th Meeting seems to have been one of those meetings where a significant number of prospective participants could not participate which was only known at the beginning of meeting, or after the booklet had already been printed. Also, the order of speakers in several sections seem to have been rearranged. According to those hand-written marks which can be interpreted beyond reasonable doubt, persons absent are marked with “(-)” in front of their names. The reproduction of the programme given here does not attempt to show the actual order of communications but reflects the status of the printed programme booklet.

Oliver Corff, April 22, 2023.


Permanent International Altaistic Conference
45th Meeting, Budapest
June 23–28, 2002

Research Group for Altaic Studies
Hungarian Academy of Sciences


23 June, 2002 (Sunday)

14:00–18:00 Registration
19:00– Welcome Dinner

24 June, 2002 (Monday) Morning Session

09:30–10:300 Opening plenary session
President: Hazai, G.Mesko, A. (Deputy secretary general of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Commemoration of Prof. L. Ligeti’s 100th birthday
Sinor, D.; Róna-Tas, A. Uray-Kőhalmi, K.; Birtalan, Á.
10:30–10:50 Coffee break
President: Tryjarski, E.
10:50 Alpatov, V. M.: Role of Altaic, Chinese and European vocabulary in Japanese culture
11:10 Vovin, A.: Did the Xiongnu speak a Yeniseian language?
11:30 Wright, D. C.: The Chinese princess Ch’ien-chin and her sojourn among the Turks (580–593)
11:50 Birtalan, Á.: “Ossa sacra” — Sacred bones in the Mongolian customs and belief system
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Confessions
15:40–16:00 Coffee Break
16:00–18:00 Confessions
18:00 Mart-Ool, S. A.: Femmes — chamans de Touva et la base de données bio-bibliographique des chamans du Sud du Siberie (videofilm)
19:00 Dinner (Downtown)

25 June, 2002 (Tuesday) Morning Session

Section A

President: Walravens, H.
09:00 Tatár, M.: The first Tokhars in Europe
09:20 Rákos, A.: Some notes on the Torguts and their dialect in Western Mongolia
09:40 Skribnik, E.: Relative clauses in Siberian Turkic and Mongolic languages
10:00 Khabtagaeva, B.: Mongolian loanwords of Turkic origin in Tuva language
10:20 Kalchofner, P.: ‘ALLAA’ — I get killed! Describing two finite verbal forms in Khalkha Mongolian
10:40 Discussion
10:50–11:10 Coffee break
President: Alpatov, V. M.
11:10 Kempf, B.: Two Mongolian compound suffixes from the Middle-Mongolian period
11:30 Rybatzki, V.: Names of the months in Middle Mongol
11:50 Apatóczky, Á. B.: Yiyu. A Middle Mongolian glossary of the Dengtan Bijiu
12:10 Discussion
12:30 Lunch

Section B

President: Bojkova, E.
09:00 Veit, V.: Remarks on change and continuity in traditional Mongolian animal husbandry. A historian’s point of view
09:20 (-) Uyunbilig: Reports on the last Mongolian Khan Ligdan Khan’s secret files of the Army Department of Chinese Ming Dynasty
09:40 Meserve, R.: Public ridicule
10:00 (-) Uljeyt, Wuli Jitu: The salt in Mongolian culture
10:20 Iván, A.: Some remarks on the Eastern elements of Hungarian hell-imagination in the Middle Ages
10:40 Discussion
10:50–11:10 Coffee break
President: Csató, É.
11:10 Babakhumar, Kh.: Historical and ethnographical sacred aspects of the ram’s shoulder in nomadic peoples
11:30 Ozonova, A.: Die syntaktischen Funktionen des Ablativs and Dativs im Altaitürkischen
11:50 Gruntov, I.: The system of spatial cases in the Middle Mongolian dialects, its development in the modern Mongolian languages
12:10 Discussion
12:30 Lunch

25 June, 2002 (Tuesday) Afternoon Session

Section A

President: Kortland, F.
14:00 (-) Kindikova, N. M.: The beginning of the lyrical genre in ancient Turkic poetry
14:20 Tasnády, E.: Çağdaş Turk Edebiyatı Macaristan’da
14:40 Zamrazilova, J.: Turkish literature in Sweden
15:00 Csirkés, F. P.: Gül u Nevruz, an early 15th-century Eastern Turkic Mathnawi written by Lutfi
15:20 Discussion
15:30–15:50 Coffee break
President: Ivanics, M.
15:50 (-) Karaağac, G.: Macarların unutmadıkları türkçe sözler
16:10 Károly L.: Lexical analysis of a seventeenth century Chaghatay treatise on medicine
16:30 Dobrovits, M.Csongor, B.: On Köl/Kül tegin
17:30 Excursion

Section B

President: Kellner-Heinkele, B.
14:00 Csató, É.: The Karaim community in Halich
14:20 Gyarmati, I.: Новейщая письменость азербайджанского языка
14:40 Baski, I.: Specific suffixes and suffixoids in Turkic anthroponyms
15:00 Azmun, Y.: A study on the Turkmen primary and secondary long vowels
15:20 Discussion
15:30–15:50 Coffee break
President: Vasilev, D.
15:50 Kotozhekova, Z.: Indirektivitat im Chakassischen
16:10 Sagaan, N.: Emphatische Partikel BEZIN im Tuwinischen
16:30 Tydykova, N.: The adverbial participles in the Altay language
17:30 Excursion

26 June, 2002 (Wednesday) Morning Session

Section A

President: Stary, G.
09:00 Zieme, P.: Zum alttürkischen Wetterzauber
09:20 Dybo, A.: Turco-Tocharica and Turco-Sacica renewed
09:40 Kwon, Hyuk-Yang: On the etymology of Korean words pə:m ‘tiger’, pəmul- ‘to be mixed up’
10:00 (-) Tambovtsev, Yu.: Korean and Japanese as members of the Altaic language family
10:20 Szatmári, S.: The stirrup-iron in the Slavic languages
10:40 Discussion
10:50–11:10 Coffee break
President: Vovin, A.
11:10 Reshetnikov, K.: Some ancient lexical parallels between Altaic and Uralic
11:30 (-) Miller, R. A.: The third pillar of the Altaic hypothesis
11:50 Péri, B.: The linguistic-literary term “Chagatay” and the native sources
12:10 Discussion
12:30 Lunch

Section B

President: Meserve, R.
09:00 Efimov, E. S.: Turkic and Mongolian research in the Institut Vostokovedenija RAN in the last 10 years
09:20 Barta, Zs.: Historical legends of the Tatar invasion in Hungary (1241–1242)
09:40 (-) Kasymbaev, Zh.: Russian administrative and legislative documents from the 20–30s of the 19th century for Kazakhstan and their sequences
10:00 Nazirova, N.: Expedition of S. E. Malov to Eastern Turkistan and Western China
10:20 Kulganek, I. V.: Mongolian folklore in the oriental archive at the St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies
10:40 Discussion
10:50–11:10 Coffee break
President: Tongerloo, A.
11:10 Bojkova, E.: Mongolian collections in the Russian Ethnographical Museum (St. Peterburg)
11:30 Lang, K. — Krist, S.: Surkharban depicted: an analytical double view
11:50 Vinkovics, J.: Some masterpieces of 19th century Mongolian art in the collections of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts
12:10 Discussion
12:30 Lunch

26 June, 2002 (Wednesday) Afternoon Session

Section A

President: Miller, R. A.
14:00 Samaev, G. P.: The cards of Altai people
14:20 Vasilev, D. D.: Palast und Festung des uigurischen Kahans auf einer Insel des Taiga-sees in Tuwa
14:40 (-) Chevalkov, L. M.: The archeologic materials at investigation of ethno-genealogical problems of Altai people
15:00 Normanskaja, J.: Zur Geschichte des permischen Vokalismus und des “Wolga-Kama”-Sprachbundes
15:20 Érdy, M.: Examination of eight archaeological links between the Xiongnu and the Huns
15:40 Discussion
15:50–16:10 Coffee break

Section B

President: Celnarová, X.
14:00 Tryjarski, E.: A prayer and alchemical symbols in an Armeno-Kipchak text
14:20 Somfai Kara, D.: New data about the Kumandy shamanism
14:40 Sağıroğulları, S.: Turkish Cypriot beliefs and traditions on birth
15:00 Sadalova, T. M.: The idea of the three-crop system world of Central Asiatic people
15:20 (-) Oruzbaeva, B.: Mountains in life and conscious of Kyrgyz people and language nomination of notions connected with them
15:40 Discussion
15:50–16:10 Coffee break
President: Skribnik E.
16:10 (-) Alexeyeva, L. A. — Nazhmetdenov, Zh.: Spectral features of Kazakh dombra sound
16:30 Becbalak, K.: Ritual role of the horse in funeral rites
16:50 Csáki, É.: Hints of the pear cult in the Caucasus and the Carpatian Basin
17:10 (-) Hisametdinova, F.: Понятия ölöš (доля) в Башкирской мифологии
17:30 Business Meeting

27 June, 2002 (Thursday) Morning Session

Section A

President: Baski, I.
09:00 Anayban, Z.: The contemporary ethnic situation in Tuva
09:20 Szynkievicz, S.: Polish settlers among the Buryats — intercultural relation in South Siberia
09:40 Moldokasymov, K.: Name changes of geographical locations in Kyrgyzstan
10:00 Kovács, A. E.: Some questions of Mongolian democratisation
10:20 Balogh, P.: Обозрел библиографии МНРП и Народной Революции
10:40 Discussion
10:50–11:10 Coffee break
President: Zieme, P.
11:10 Makhmutova, M.: The troublesome road of freedom in Kyrgyzstan (The Popular Liberation Uprising in 1916)
11:30 Bozkurt, İ.: Current state of Crimean Karaites
11:50 Celnarová, X.: The migration of Turks and “New Homeland”
12:10 Lam, R.: Wen Tianxiang (1236–1283): in his opponent’s eyes
12:30 (-) Almadakova, N. D.: Vocabulary of the religious system in the Altai language
12:50 Walravens, H.: A Forerunner of Louis Ligeti
13:10 Discussion
13:30 Lunch

Section B

President: Veit, V.
09:00 Kellner-Heinkele, B.: Cevdet Pasha as Critic of Ottoman Society
09:20 Stary, G.: The genealogical clan-registers as part of Manchu shamanic practices
09:40 Seres, I.: Crimean-Tatar and Nogay heroic poems from Dobrudja
10:00 Tóth, E.: Contribution of Professor Ligeti to the exploration of the history of Buddhism in Mongolia
10:20 Fehér, J.: The two extremes of non-existence in lCang­skya Rol-pa’i-rdo-rje’s Grub-mtha
10:40 Discussion
10:50–11:10 Coffee break
President: Dybo, A.
11:10 Alymkulova, S. K.: Kypchaks in Hungary yesterday and today
11:30 Akalın, S. H.: On some feminine relationship terms in the Teleut dialect
11:50 Tadinova, R. A.: Семантические модификации тюркских глаголов в кавказких языках
12:10 Nasrattınoğlu, I. Ü.: Some similarities between Turkish and Karays (Karaims)
12:30 Kincses Nagy, É.: Euphemistic expression pertaining to pregnancy in Turkic languages
12:50 Discussion
13:30 Lunch

27 June, 2002 (Thursday) Afternoon

16:10 Busses start to the Hungarian National Museum, where we visit the golden treasures of Nagyszentmiklós
18:30–20:00 Reception at the Turkish Embassy (with invitation only)