Some remarks on the Eastern elements of Hungarian hell-imagination in the Middle Ages

Iván Andrea

Some Remarks on the Eastern Elements of Hungarian Hell-imagination in the Middle Ages

(45th Meeting of the PIAC, Budapest 2002)

In the article of Lajos Vargyas, which was published in 1987 we find an analysis of a journey into the Hell of a Hungarian nobleman Lőrinc Tar in the cave of Saint Patrick.

This article tries to find the parallel elements among the Western and Eastern journeys into the Hell.

The article of Vargyas is a brilliant starting-point to the finding of new field of research for Oriental studies about Hell-imagination.

In my presentation I would like to extend the Oriental elements of the mentioned data 一 mostly the Mongolian and Buriat-Mongolian elements.

We find more comparisons in the beliefs about Hell and Other World of the Eastern people. I would like to present more parallel elements between the Eastern and Western beliefs about Hell. Very interesting question the origin of mutual elements — may be we can find the origin of this motives, what kind ways streamed these elements into Europe and Asia.