43rd Meeting Lanaken, 2000

43rd PIAC Meeting

The 43rd Annual Meeting of the PIAC was held September 3–8 2000, in Lanaken (Belgium) under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Aloïs van Tongerloo.

Source: PIAC Newsletter No. 27 (October 2002), p. 3.

The programme of the meeting is available here, and the list of participants is available here.

From the Proceedings:


A decade has already passed since the 43rd Meeting of the PIAC took place, on the theme of “Life and Afterlife & Apocalyptic Concepts in the Altaic World” and very much in memory of the two pioneers of Altaic studies, Willy Bang-Kaup and Charles de Harlez de Deulin. Although one could hardly have reckoned with the publication of the meeting records after all these years, a series of happy coincidences has made it possible, after all, to bring a large proportion of the contributions not published elsewhere to publication in the form of these conference proceedings – albeit in a version that appears slightly “reduced” in comparison with other PIAC Proceedings.

At this point, the editors would like to take the opportunity to expressly thank once again all those institutions without whose generous material and intellectual support the PIAC in Lanaken could not have been hosted. Worthy of particular mention here are the donations made by Brepols Publishers (Turnhout, Belgium) and by the Flemish FWO (Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek – Vlaanderen). In addition to this, however, thanks is also owed to the participants at the meeting and to all those who have made a contribution to these proceedings that have now been made available at last, as well as to all those interested parties who have waited so long for them to be published, and presumably ceased to reckon with this ever happening, for their patience. Despite all the delays and technical difficulties, our hope, at this point, is that the saying will prove true: good things come to those who wait.

Qutlug bolzun bo bitig idisi!

Aloїs van Tongerloo Michael Knüppel