Proceedings 2010

Unknown Treasures of the Altaic World in Libraries, Archives and Museums. 53rd Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS, St. Petersburg, July 25 – 30, 2010. Edited by Tatiana Pang, Simone-Christiane Raschmann, Gerd Winkelhane. (Berlin: Klaus Schwarz Verlag, 2013). 414 pp. ISBN: 978-3-87997-409-2 (Studien zur Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur der Türkvölker, 13).

Table of Contents


Barbara Kellner-Heinkele: Remembering Denis Sinor 8–10

Preface by Tatiana Pang 11–17

I. Collections, Archives, Archaeology

Elena Boykova: Materials on Mongolia in “The Khmyrov Collection” 19–26
Olga Dyakova: The Tungus-Manchus: an Ethnic History and Ethnic Genesis in Archaeological and Ethnographic Retrospectives 27–35
Albina Girfanova: Linguistic and Ethnographic Materials of E. R. Schneider in the Archives of St. Petersburg 36–41
Irina Kulganek: The Mongolian Aphorism in the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) 42–45
Maria Menshikova: The Unknown Portrait of a Member of the Qing Imperial Family in the Hermitage Collection, St. Petersburg 46–51
Tatsuo Nakami: A Forgotten Mongolian Manuscript of the Erdeni-yin tobči: Wang Guojin and Lobsangčoyidan 52–57
Dmitry A. Nosov: Description of Mongolian Folktales Kept in the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) 58–61
Tatiana Pang: A Manchu Imperial Patent from the Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences 62–66
Nikolai Pchelin/Maria Rudova: The Problems of Portrait Painting in Central Asian Art 67–80
Maria Petrova: About One Manuscript by D. Ravjaa 81–84
Rodica Pop: Mongγol uran zokijal-un degezi zaγun bilig orusibai, an Invaluable Treasure by Its Concept, History and Destiny 85–92
Simone-Christiane Raschmann: The Pre-eminent Sūtra. New Traces of the Altun Yaruk Sudur 93–113
Johannes Reckel: The Special Collection of Altaic Literature in the State and University Library Göttingen 114–117
Klaus Sagaster: The International Archive of Oral Folk Literature at the Northrhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Arts in Düsseldorf/Germany 118–124
Sarolta Tatár: Images of the Goddess Tārā in a Private Hungarian Collection 125–137
Erika Taube: Archaeological Finds Reflecting Folklore-Motifs from Central Asian Traditions 138–148
Edward Tryjarski: The Buriat Buddhism in Agaton Giller’s Memoirs 149–169
Hartmut Walravens: The Meritorious Officers Revisited: The Portrait of Cemcukjab 170–176
Natalia S. Yakhontova: New Arrivals to the Mongolian Collection at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences 177–180
Peter Zieme: A Brāhmaṇa Painting from Bäzäklik in the Hermitage of St. Petersburg and Its Inscriptions 181–195

II. Historiography

Bekİr Denİz: An Insufficiently Known Structure in the Çu Basin (Kazakhstan): Ak Kesene 197–212
Mihály Dobrovits: Some Remarks on the Oghuz Kaghan Epics 213–218
Bair S. Dugarov: “Namtar” by Milaraiba in Buryatia 219–225
Hülya Kasapoğlu Çengel: Legal Documents in Armeno-Kipchak and Töre Bitigi (Code of Law) 226–235
Barbara Kellner-Heinkele: Green Knowledge. An Ottoman Manuscript on Horticulture 236–244
Henryk Jankowski: Karaim mejumas in Eupatoria 245–262
Giovanni Stary: The Mistery of Coloured Vapours as Good Omina of the Manchu Khan Nurhaci’s Empire-building 263–267
Fatma Ahsen Turan/Nermin Şaman Doğan: Cosmic Tree and Its Reflections on Anatolian Turkish Art 268–280
Victor Yakovlev: Looking for an Unknown Source of a Familiar Plot 281–291

III. Linguistics

Vladimir Alpatov: The Significance of S. A. Starostin’s Works for the Altaic Studies 293–302
Michael Balk: Consten’s Universal Dictionary (Hs or. Sim. 7264) 303–321
Oliver Corff: Some Remarks on the Editorial Status of the Beijing and London Mss of the Wu Ti Qingwenjian 322–328
Liliya M. Gorelova/Mariya N. Orlovskaya: The Proximity Between the Middle Mongol and Classical Manchu Languages as Typologically, Ethnohistorically and Areally Motivated 329–349
Leylâ Karahan: Grammar Books: One of the Oldest Resources of Anatolian and Rumelian Dialects 350–357
Elisabetta Ragagnin: Secluded in the Valleys of Kubsugul and Forgotten in Mongolian Libraries: The Uyghur-Uriankhay Language and Its Speakers 358–363
Alice Sárközi: The Dictionary of Sumatiratna 364–370
Yoshio Saitō: Terminative Case Suffix in Middle Mongol 371–375
Sechenchogt: A Comparative Analysis of the Altaic Nomenclature Related to the Five Main Livestock 376–383
Osman F. Sertkaya: Zu den Namen türkischer Christen in verlorengegangenen altuigurischen Urkunden 384–395
Litip Tohti: On the Syntactic Status of the Uyghur Functional Category K (Case) 396–414