Proceedings 1987

Aspects of Altaic Civilization III. Proceedings of the Thirtieth Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, June 19-25. Edited by Denis Sinor. Indiana University Uralic and Altaic Series vol.145, (Bloomington, Indiana 1990). ISBN 0-933070-25-X.


Preface    vii
List of Participants    viii–ix
Devin DeWeese: Yasavian Legends on the Islamization of Turkistan    1–19
Nicola Di Cosmo: A Note on the “Tana” Route and 14th Century International Trade    20–32
Peter B. Golden: Cumanica III: Urusoba.    33–46
Douglas A. Howard: The Life and Career of an Ottoman Sipahi, second half of the Sixteenth Century    47–57
Esther Jacobson: Burial Ritual, Gender and Status in early Nomadic Society of South Siberia and Northern Mongolia    58–69
Sechin Jagchid: Social and Cultural Change in Modern Inner Mongolia    70–78
Jacques Karro: La Traduction de l’éрорéе yakoute et ses implications anthropologiques    79–86
A. P. Martinez: The Use of Mint-output Data in Historical Research on the Western Appanages    87–126
Ruth I. Meserve: Some Remarks on the Turkmen Horse    127–141
Junko Miyawaki: On the Oyirad Khanship    142–153
K. M. Musaev: Turko – Finno-Ugric Language Contacts    154–166
Bakhtiyar Nazarov: The Qutadghu Bilig as one of the Earliest Examples of Aesthetic Thought Among Turkic-Speaking Peoples    167–175
Hidehiro Okada: The Chakhar Shrine of Eshi Khatun    176–186
H. B. Paksoy: Two Altaic Games: “Celik-Comak” and “Cirit Oyunu”    187–196
Alice Sárközi: Representation of the Six Kinds of Existence in a Tibeto-Mongol Blockprint on Buddhist Hells    197–217
E. T. Tenishev: Names of Monetary units in the Old Turkic Languages of Central Asia    218–222
Fikret Türkmen: La Survie de certaines croyances et coutumes turques anciennes en Anatolie    223–229
István Vásáry: History and Legend in Berke Khan’s Conversion to Islam    230–252
Hans-Peter Vietze: Old Turkic Runes by Computer    253–265