08th Meeting Schloß Auel, 1965

Source: The Mongolia Society Bulletin Vol. 4, No. 2 (9) (Fall, 1965), p. 41 (1 page)

A Report on the Eighth Meeting of the PIAC

The eight meeting of the Permanent International Altaiatic Conference (PIAC) was held in West Germany, at Schloss Auel, near Bonn, from August 30 to September 3, 1965. As usual, there were about thirty participants, comprising many full and half-time Mongolists. e. g., Walther Heissig, Charles Bawden, M. M. Haltod, Pavel Poucha, John Boyle, Gerhard Doerfer, Sir Gerard Clauson, Namio Egami, and others. Professor Walther Heissig has acquitted himself brilliantly in the task of local organization.

The central theme of this year’s conference was “Hunting in the Altaic World”.

The Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies, consisting of a medal, was awarded to Professor Rintchen from Ulanbator. The prize, awarded annually by the PIAC, goes to a scholar for his contribution to the advancement of Altaic Studies. Father Mostaert and Professor Erich Haenisch are the previous holders of this medal, established in 1962.

The PIAC gratefully accepted an invitation from Professor A. Bombaci of Naples and looked forward to a sunny ninth meeting. “Ranks and Titles” was chosen as the central theme of that meeting.

It is difficult for anyone who has not participated in one of the PIAC meetings to visualize how pleasant they are, how informal, and how very useful as a forum for exchanging information. The PIAC has no fixed membership (and no membership fee), and its meetings are open to any bona fide scholar interested in these meetings. The Secretary General of the PIAC, Professor Denis Sinor, Chairman, Uralic and Altaic Department, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, always welcomes enquiries.

— Denis Sinor