Proceedings 1985

Proceedings of the XXVIIIth Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Venice 8-14 July 1985. Edited by Giovanni Stary. (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1989), 252 pp. ISBN 3-477-02917-X.



Lucyna Antonowicz-Bauer: Maciej of Miechów as Discoverer of Eastern Europe    1–7
Uzbek Baitchura: About Altaic Correspondences to some Italian Words    9–10
Giampiero Bellingeri: Fasce “altaiche” del mappamondo turco-veneziano    11–32
Chieh-hsien Ch‘en: The Manchu Emperor K‘ang-hsi and Father Ripa    33–47
Ching-lung Chen: Concepts Regarding Numbers, Colors, and the Cardinal Points among the Turkic Peoples    49–56
Igor De Rachewiltz: Dante’s Aleppe: A Tartar Word in Tartarus?    57–71
Nicola Di Cosmo: A Russian Envoy to Khiva: The Italian Diary of Florio Beneveni    73–114
N. Z. Gadžieva: Die Methodik der Rekonstruktion des Turkarchetyps    115–121
Jirō Ikegami: The Lower Amur and Sungari Basins – From the Viewpoint of Toponymy and Ethnonymy    123–129
Roy Andrew Miller: A Po-hai Word.    131–156
Junko Miyawaki: Historical Significance of the Biography of Jaya Paṇḍita    157–164
Hidehiro Okada: Jesuit Influence in Emperor K‘ang-hsi’s Manchu Letters    165–171
H. B. Paksoy: The Game of “Çelik-Çomak” among the Kazakh and Elsewhere    173–175
Sechin Jagchid: Chung-tu, the Central Capital of Yüan Dynasty    177–194
Baeg-in Seong: Vowel Length in Manchu    195–216
Giovanni Stary: Manchu Journals and Newspapers    217–232
Edward Tryjarski: A New Edition of the Armeno-Kipchak “Chronicle of Venice”    233–239
Igor F. Vardul: Accent and Word Boundary in Japanese    241–248
Mary Frances Weidlich: Philatelic Exposure to Venetian Art Treasures in Mongolia    249–252

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