47th Meeting Cambridge, 2004

The 47th Meeting of the
Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC)
30th July — 4th August 2004
Queens’ College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Organised by the Cambridge Central Asia Forum and supported by the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit and the UK Committee for Central and Inner Asia

The 47th Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC) was held at Queens’ College, Cambridge, United Kingdom. The assyriologist Prof. Nicholas Postgate was President of this meeting.

Süer Eker wrote an introduction to the PIAC as well as a report on this 47th Meeting. The report, translated into English, is available here.

A volume of Proceedings was never produced, but the booklet of abstracts submitted for this Meeting still exists. Abstracts can be found via the the list of participants. The information presented here is solely based on the original handout, and it cannot be said with absolute certainty if all registered participants appeared at the Meeting.

List of Participants:

Gülseren Akalın Modernity in Turkey and a modernist Ahmet Ağaoğlu
Vladimir Alpatov Primordial and borrowed features in the Japanese culture
Synaru K. Alymkulova

The Desht-i-Kypchak steppe in Medieval Sources

Naila Bekmakhanova The Kirghiz of Russia in the XIX to early XX centuries: their quantity and location
Elena V. Boykova Russian-Japanese rivalry in Mongolia in the sphere of education (The beginning of the 20th Century)
Ismail Bozkurt An Altaistic tradition of Turkish Cypriots: Mart Dokuzu (9th of march)
Danuta Chmielowska Tradition and modernity in  Solmaz Kamuran’s novel
Mihály Dobrovits Reception of the works of Joseph DeGuignes in Hungary
Eduard Efimov
Gülin Öğüt Eker Gelenek Haline Gelen Modernite — Modernity that has become a Tradition
Süer Eker On the Number of Phonemes in Turkish
Can Erimtan Hittites, Ottomans and Turks
Sherman Han Akdun’s Poetry on his journey to Mongolia and Xinjiang
Sumiko Ikeda Tradition and modernity in present-day Uzbekistan
László Karóly Human diseases in Yakut
Zeynep Korkmaz Sociolinguistic change during the modernization movement period in Turkish
Ksenia Kozha
Irina V. Kulganek The English missionaries in Siberia
Gaelle Lacaze How to die as a Mongol? (Ideal cycle of life in Mongolian traditions).
M.-Katharina Lang The Hans Leder Collection: A Treasure of Tradition for Modern Mongolia
Michael Latcham
Mikio Matsumoto
Junko Miyawaki-Okada The Japanese Origin of the Chinggis Khan Legends
Nina Nazirova Little known materials V. V. Baradijn’s travels to Tibet in 1905–1907
Hidehiro Okada History of the Chinese Civilization; Progressive Altaicization of the Chinese States
Takashi Osawa The Deer cult amongst the ancient Turkic tribes
Carole Pegg
Rodica Pop Réminiscences du rituel de mariage mongol traditionnel, dans le mariage moderne
K. Reichl
Jean Richard
András Róna-Tas (together with Árpád Berta) Traditional and modern wine culture of the Turks
Tamara Sadalova Triune View of the Universe among Turko-Mongolians
David Sneath The Rural and the Urban in Pastoral Mongolia
Nina Solntseva The Traditional in Modernity
Bahar Soylu Cross-cultural Variation of the Cooperative Principle: A Case of native Speakers of Turkish and English
Giovanni Stary Two names for one country: Manchu Solho and Coohiyan for Korea
Katherine Swancutt Reconsidering the tradition and modernity debate: Mongolian opportunism and zealous social change
Rosa Tadinova The word igä in the belief of Turkic ethnicities
Hiroki Takakura Three Sakha Intelligentsias and the ethnographical studies from the early 20th century to the 1930s
Edward Tryjarski The Present State and Prospect for Armeno-Kipchak Studies
Susan Whitfield
Galina Wood Altai Language use in the Altai Republic today
Zimonyi István Islam and Medieval Eastern Europe
Nicholas Postgate President
Denis Sinor General Secretary
Siddharth Saxena Convenor
Şükrü Halûk Akalın Past President
Aptin Khanbaghi Conference Secretary
Claudia Liuzza Conference Secretary
Special thanks to Heike Martin and Sarah Blakeney