18th Meeting Bloomington, 1975

(Sources: Preface and List of Participants: pp. 7–10, Aspects of Altaic Civilization II. Proceedings of the XVIII PIAC, Bloomington, June 29-July 5, 1975. Edited by Larry V. Clark and Paul Alexander Draghi. Indiana University Uralic and Altaic Series vol. 134 (1978), 212 pp. Reprinted by Curzon Press, London.
Resolution: Permanent International Altaistic Conference Newsletter No. 10, October 1975, p. 3)


The XVIII meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference was held at Bloomington, Indiana, June 29 to July 5, 1975. Presiding at the meeting were the President, Helmut Hoffmann, and the Secretary-General, Denis Sinor, both of Indiana University. At the closing session, a resolution was passed to thank those who organized and hosted the conference, as well as the United States Office of Education and Indiana University for making the conference possible.
As was the case with the first published volume of PIAC proceedings, which followed the first meeting of the PIAC in Bloomington in 1962, the present work reflects a wide diversity of interests among the Altaists who met in 1975. The majority of papers in the present volume focus on the relationship between human values and social institutions among the Altaic peoples. Other papers deal with other aspects of Altaic civilization.
The editors wish to thank Ms. Ellen Henn for the skill and patience which she has brought to the task of preparing this volume for the printer.


List of Participants

  • Barral, José M. (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • Bayerle, Gustav (Indiana University)
  • Bese, Lájos (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
  • Boyle, John (University of Manchester)
  • Bregel, Yuri (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
  • Buluc, Sadettin (Istanbul University)
  • Ch‘en, Chieh-hsien (National Chengkung University, Taiwan)
  • Clark, Larry V. (Indiana University)
  • Cleaves, Francis (Harvard University)
  • Crocken, Barbara (Harvard University)
  • Daher, Okan (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Dankoff, Robert (Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts)
  • DeLorme, Stuart (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Draghi, Paul (Indiana University)
  • Ebihara, Mitsuo (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Ewing, Thomas (University of Leeds, England)
  • Fletcher, Joseph (Harvard University)
  • Goodrich, Thomas (University of Indiana, Pennsylvania)
  • Halasi-Kun, Tibor (Columbia University)
  • Halkovic, Stephen (Indiana University)
  • Hangin, John G. (Indiana University)
  • Hibbard, George E. (St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Hoffmann, Helmut (Indiana University)
  • Hsi, C. T. (Universität Bonn)
  • Huang, Pei (Youngstown State University)
  • Hyer, Paul (Brigham Young University)
  • Jagchid, Sechin (Brigham Young University)
  • Joki, Aulis (Helsinki University)
  • Karahan, Abdülkadir (Istanbul University)
  • Krueger, John (Indiana University)
  • Kwanten, Luc (Indiana University)
  • Lattimore, Owen (Paris, France)
  • Lőrincz, László (University of Budapest)
  • Matsumura, Jun (The Toyo Bunko, Japan)
  • Miller, Michael (Indiana University)
  • Miller, Roy Andrew (University of Washington, Seattle)
  • Moses, Larry (Indiana University)
  • Narain, A. K. (University of Wisconsin)
  • Norman, Jerry (University of Washington, Seattle)
  • Poppe, Nicholas (University of Washington, Seattle)
  • Raun, Alo (Indiana University)
  • Rossabi, Morris (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Ruiz, Manuel (El Colegio de Mexico)
  • Sagaster, Klaus (Universität Bonn)
  • Sárkőzi, Alice (University of Budapest)
  • Schütz, Edmond (University of Budapest)
  • Schwarz, Henry G. (Western Washington State College)
  • Sinor, Denis (Indiana University)
  • Sofronov, Mikhail (Far East Institute, Moscow)
  • Street, John (University of Wisconsin)
  • Suggs, Robert (U.S. Office of Education)
  • Sweetser, Ann (Harvard University)
  • Tryjarski, Edward (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)
  • Vásáry, István (University of Budapest)
  • Weidlich, Mary F. (Takoma Park, Maryland)


The following resolution was proposed by Professor Joseph Fletcher (Harvard University) and carried unanimously at the closing session of the Eighteenth PIAC on July 5, 1975:
“The members of the Eighteenth Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference are grateful to the United States Office of Education and to Indiana University for making this meeting possible. Especially, we thank Dr. Robert Suggs of the Office of Education; Professor Harrison Shull, Vice President for Research and Development at Indiana University who honored our banquet with his presence; and the University Conference Bureau.
“We take this occasion to express our particular gratitude for the University’s continued generosity in providing the Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies.
“We thank Professor Helmut Hoffmann and Professor Denis Sinor for hospitality, Organization, and most ingenious planning and we thank Mrs. Jean Sinor, Mrs. Gillian Nevin, and the PIAC’s longtime helper, Mrs. Karin Ford, for their capable and pleasing efforts in making the meeting a rewarding, enjoyable, and memorable success.”