Proceedings 2011

Anniversaries, Feasts and Celebrations in the Altaic World

Proceedings of the 54th Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC).
Bloomington, Indiana USA, July 10-15, 2011.
Edited by Alicia Campi.
Published by The Mongolia Society. Bloomington, Indiana 2015.
ISBN: 978-0-910980-47-0.

Table of Contents

Bamana, Gaby: Men on the right, women on the left: Meaning and analogy in the Mongol Ger domestic space pp. 1–18

Boykova, Elena: Holidays in Modern Mongolian Historical Tradition and Innovation pp. 19–29

Campi, Alici: Significance of Mongolia’s 100th Anniversary Celebration of Independence from the Manchus pp. 31–35

Chen, Arthur: Conditional Constructions in the Manchu Language: An Analysis of Prototypes pp. 37–55

Diakova, Olga: Holidays of Jurchen (proto Tungus Manchus) pp. 57–61

Dugarov, Bair S.: The Motif of Feasting and the Cult of Drink in the Buriat “Geseriad” (Based on an Interpretation of Khormusta’s Image) pp. 63–73

Enkhbat, Dashdondog: Socio-Cultural Factors in Naming of Mongolians pp. 75–85

Girfanova, Albina H.: The Udeghe Marriage Rite pp. 87–92

Güleç, İsmail: Celebrating Spring with Poems: Nevruziye pp. 93–106

Higuchi, Koichi: Blessing on the top of Cow Mountain: what Üker-ün aƔula tells us pp. 107–122

Kellner-Heinkele, Barbara: Feasting with the Khivan Khans pp. 123–136

Liu, Ge: Weddings of Uighur Khans and Princesses of Tang Dynasty pp. 137–185

Pop, Rodica: The Offering Feast: description of a Dariganga variant pp. 187–198

Sukhachev, Nikolay L.: Bear as human ancestor in Altaic traditional beliefs pp. 199–207

Walravens, Hartmut: Did Manchus celebrate? pp. 209–219

Wood, Galina: “Two braids are better than one”: An Invitation to a Wedding Feast in Altai pp. 221–225

Wright, David Curtis: Food over symbolism: Sedentary guests at Kitan and Mongol feasts pp. 227–237