Proceedings 2002

Altaica Budapestinensia MMII. Proceedings of the 45th Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Budapest, Hungary, June 23-28, 2002. Edited by Alice Sárkőzi and Attila Rákos. Research Group for Altaic Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Department of Inner Asian Studies, Eötvös Loránd University. (Budapest, 2003). ISBN 963 508 388 2.


Stary, G. (2004). [Review of Altaica Budapestinensia MMII. Proceedings of the 45th Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Budapest, Hungary, June 23-28, 2002, by A. Sárközi & A. Rákos]. Central Asiatic Journal, 48(1), 133–135.

Table of Contents

Preface    1
Ş. H. Akalin: On Some Feminine Relationship Terms in the Teleut Dialect    3–7
Á. B. Apatóczky: Yiyu (Beilu yiyu 北虜譯語) – A Middle Mongolian Dictionary of the Dengtan Bijiu (登墰必究)    8–12
П. Балог: Введение в историографию современной Монголии    13–17
Zs. Barta: Historical Legends of the Tatar Invasion in Hungary (1241–1242)    18–24
I. Baski: Specific Suffixes and Suffixoids in Turkic Anthroponymy    25–33
Á. Birtalan: Ritualistic Use of Livestock Bones in the Mongolian Belief System and Customs 34–62
E. Boikova: Mongolian Collections In The Russian Ethnographical Museum (Saint Petersburg)    63–68
I. Bozkurt: The Current State of Crimean Karaites    69–73
X. Celnarová: The Migration of Turks and “New Homeland” – Turkish Literature on Germany and in Germany    74–78
F. P. Csirkés: Lutfī and the Gül u Navrūz    79–86
A. Dybo: Turco-Tocharica and Turco-Sakica Renewed    87–97
И. Дьярмати: Новейшая письменность азербайджанского языка    98–105
М. Érdy: Examination of Eight Archaeological Links Between the Xiongnu and the Huns    106–125
J. Fehér: Two Main Sorts of Nihilism Distinguished by Rol-pa’i rdo-rje Relying on rJe Tsong-kha-pa    126–137
R. Finch: The Dual Number in Turco-Chuvash    138–157
I. Grountov: Middle Mongolian Dialects and Modern Mongolian Languages in Regard to Their Spatial Case Systems    158–164
P. Kalchofner: “ALLAA” – I Get Killed. The Occurrence of the Finite Verbal Forms -laa and -žee in Khalkha-Mongolian    165–170
L. Károly: Lexical Analysis of a Seventeenth-Century Chaghatay Treatise on Medicine    171–180
B. Kempf: Two Mongolian Compound Suffixes from the Middle-Mongolian Period    181–184
I. V. Kulganek: Materials about the Buryats in the Orientalists’ Archive at the Saint-Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies (SPBIOS)    185–191
Y.-Ch. Lam: Wen Tianxiang 文天祥 (1236-1283): in Opponents’ Eyes    192–198
M.-K. LangS. Krist: Surharban Depicted: An Analytica Double View    199–210
М. Махмутбек: Национально-освободительное восстание 1916 года в Кыргызстане 211–224
R. I. Meserve: Public Ridicule    225–233
J. Normanskaja: Die gemeinsamen Tendenzen der Entwicklung des Vokalismus in Sprachen vom Osteuropa    234–247
B. Péri: Notes on the Literary-Linguistic Term “Čaġatay”: Evaluating the Evidence Supplied by Native Sources    248-255
V. Rybatzki: Names of the Months in Middle Mongol    256–290
I. Seres: Crimean Tatar and Nogay Heroic Poems from Dobrudja    291–296
D. Somfai Kara: Vilmos Diószegi ’s Collection of Kumandy Shamanism from 1964    297–304
G. Stary: The Genealogical Clan-Registers as Part of Manchu Shamanic Practices    305–311
Zs. Szilágyi: Some Remarks about Mongol-Tibetan Treaty, 1913    312–318
Р. Тадинова: Семантические модификации тюркских глаголов в кавказских языках    319–322
E. Tasnádı: Çağdaş Türk Edebityatı Macaristan’da    323–327
M. M. Tatár: The First Tatars in Europe    328–352
E. Tóth: Contribution of Professor Ligeti to the Exploration of the History of Buddhism in Mongolia    353–357
E. Tryjarski: A Prayer and Alchemic Symbols in an Armeno-Kipchak Text    358–367
K. Uray-Kőhalmi: Übereinstimmungen in der Tradition der Kitan und der Mongolen    368–374
V. Veit: Mongolian Animal Husbandry – An Historian ’s Point of View    375–383
J. Vinkovics: Three Inner Mongolian Painted Scrolls in the Exhibition “Collecting Oriental Art in Hungary”    384–388
A. Vovin: Did the Xiongnu Speak a Yeniseian Language? Part 2: Vocabulary    389–394
H. Walravens: A Forerunner of Louis Ligeti    395–403
J. Zamrazilová-Jakmyr: Turkish Writers in Sweden    404–405
A. E. Жигмонд: Языческие мотивы «Слова о полку Игореве»    406–414