57th Meeting Vladivostok, 2014: Programme

Permanent International Altaistic Conference
57″ Annual Meeting

The Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnology

September 9-14, 2014

Vladivostok, Russia


10.00–12.00: Plenary Session (Presidium Far Eastern Branch Russian Academy of Sciences, Svetlanskaya, 50, conference hall)
12.00–13.00: Confessions
13.00–14.00: Dinner (Cafeteria of Academy of Arts or restaurant “Peking”)


Section 1 (History, Conference Hall of the Society of Study of Amur Region (OIAK)

Chair: Kellner-Heinkele Barbara
14.00–14.30: Walravens Hartmut (Berlin, Germany). Wilhelm Radloff’s Manchu Interest
14.30–15.00: Abdurrahman Gülbeyaz (Osaka , Japan) On the Reception of Macro-Altaic Theory in Japanese Studies
15.00–15.30: Janhunen Juha Antero (Helsinki , Finland) From Singapore to Khabarovsk. The Far Eastern Dimensions of a Euroasian Wanderwort

15.30–16.00: coffee-break

Chair: Walravens Hartmut
16.00–16.30: Kellner-Heinkele Barbara (Berlin, Germany) New Routes of Discovery and Research: Railways (Mid-19 th to Early 20 th Century)
16.30–17.00: Girfanova Albina (St. Petersburg, Russia), Sukhachev Nikolai (St. Petersburg, Russia) Controversial Issues of Historical Lexicology and Underlying Etymology (Complexity and Multifacetedness in Prospective and Retrospective Diachrony)
17.00–17.30: Kam Tak-sing (Taibei, Taiwan) The Term Mongγol, Revisited
17.30–18.00: Dybo Anna (Moscow, Russia) Dwelling Names in Turkic and Manchu-Tungus: a Contrastive Analysis
18.00–19.00: dinner (Cafeteria of Academy of Arts)


Section 2 (Ethnography,of Academy of Arts, aud.)

Chair: Funk Dmitry
09.00–09.30: Caijilahu Saijirahu (Osaka, Japan). Identity Politics and Ethnicity in Mongolian Shamanism
09.30–10.00: Abaeva Lubov (Ulan-Ude,Russia). The Sacralization of the Heaven in the Religious Culture of the Altaic Peoples
10.00–10.30: Alekseev Kiril (St. Petersburg, Russia). Once Again on the Structure of the Mongolian Canjur
10.30–11.00: Szalkai Kinga (Budapest, Hungary) The Effect of Water Systems on Central Asian Societies

11:00–11:30: coffee-break

Chair: Dybo Anna
11.3–12.00:  Samigulov Geyaz (Сheliabinsk, Russia) The Formation of Turk Ethnic Groups in the Conditions of Estate Russian State (on the example of Ichinskye Tatars)
12.00–12.30: Diakova Olga. (Vladivostok, Russia) The Tungus-Manchu and Mongols contacts
12.30–13.00: Tadinova Roza (Moscow, Russia) Crying as an Element of Turk Funeral Rites in the Ethnic-Cultural and Linguistic Context

13.00–14.00: dinner (Cafeteria of Academy of Arts)

Chair: Corff Oliver
14.00–14.30: Higuchi Koichi (Tokyo, Japan) How were Mongolian Versions of the Lotus sutra Translated, Compiled and Transmitted? Through Examination of the Turfan Fragments.
14.30–15.00: Zaytsev Viacheslav (St. Petersburg, Russia). The Unique Khitan Large Scripts Text Containing Biographical Records about Liao Emperors (from the Collection of the IOM RAS): Approaches to a Comparative Analysis of the Khitan and Chinese Historical Sources.
15.00–15.30: Yakovlev Victor (Moscow, Russia) On the Interrelatedness of Turkic and Germanic Runic Scripts

15.30–16.00: coffee-break

Chair: Janhunen Juha Antero
16.00–16.30: Turanskaya Anna (St.-Petersburg, Russia). On the Lost Chapters of the Mongolian Translation of Milarepa’s Collected Songs (mGur’Bum) by Seregetu Guisi Corji
16.30–17.00: Gvozdev Roman (Vladivostok, Russia) Traditional Military Knowledge of Tungus-Manchu (on Materials of the 17th – 20th Centuries)
17.00–17.30: Sidorenko Elena (Vladivostok, Russia) The Ancient Paleoasians of Primorye
17.30–18.00: Fetisova Lidia (Vladivostok, Russia) The Ulchi Narrative Folklore in the System of the Folk Arts of the Amur Peoples
18.00–19.00: dinner (Cafeteria of Academy of Arts)


Section 3 (Linguistics, of Academy of Arts, aud.)

Chair: Gorelova Lilia
09.00–09.30: Legrand Jacques, Karkucinska-Legrand Jadwiga (Paris, France) Beyond Interdisciplinary Research – a New Place for Altaic Studies and Area Studies (The Mongol case)
09.30–10.00: Liu Ge (Shaanxi ,China) An Inquiry into čïn bitig in Uyghur Contract with 亲契 as Its Chinese Version.
10.00–10.30: Nosov Dmitry (St. Petersburg ,Russia). Reconstructing a Folklore Act: On Some New Challenges for Mongoloists.
10.30–11.00: Zoltoeva Olga ( Ulan-Ude, Russia) Geographical Terms in Mongolian

11:00–11.30: coffee-break

Chair: Legrand, Jacques
11.30–12.00: Kobayashi Yoko (Tokyo , Japan) How is a Language of a Minority Surrounded by an Overwhelming Mmajority Changed? – a Case Study of Mongolian Spoken in Inner Mongolia and Liaoning.
12.00–12.30: Gorelova Lilia (Moscow, Russia), Chen Chen (China) Evidential Strategies in Manchu
12.30–13.00: Hsiao Suying (Taibei, Taiwan) ‘Say’ Verbs in Manchu, Mongolian and Chinese

13.00–14.00: dinner (Cafeteria of Academy of Arts)

Chair: Girfanova Albina
14.00–14.30: Shamina Ludmila (Novosibirsk, Russia) Analytical Constructions as the Source of Grammaticallization in Tuvan Languages.
14.30–15.00: Tuohoti Lirifu (Litip Tohti) (Beijing, China) A Historical Survey on Vowel Raising in Uyghur
15.00–15.30: Korovina Eugene (Moscow, Russia) Problems of Linguistic Decisions of the Tungus-Manchu Problem

15.30–16.00: coffee break

Chair: Shamina Ludmila
16.00–16.30: Guan Xinqiu (Beijing, P.R. China) On Language Concept in Contact
16.30–17.00: Selyutina Iraida (Novosibirsk, Russia) The Sound Systems Investigations of the Siberian Peoples’ Languages by the Latest Research Technology
17.00–17.30: Sizova Alla (St. Petersburg, Russia) A comparative analysis of special terminology used in the Mongolian version of “Lam rim chen mo” based on existing sources
17.30–18.00: Shevchenko Vladislav (Vladivostok, Russia) Settlement of Nanaian Kins in the works of Y. A. Sem ( XVI-XVII)
18.00–19.00: dinner (Cafeteria of Academy of Arts)


Section 4 (General Problems, of Academy of Arts, aud.)

Chair Caijilahu (Saijrahu)
09.00–09.30: Funk Dmitry (Moscow, Russia) The Identity Discourse of Indiginous Groups on the Internet
09.30–10.00:  Corff Oliver (Berlin, Germany) The Contribution of Legal Studies to the History of the Manju Empire
10.00–10.30: Pang Tatiana (St. Petersburg, Russia) Manchu studies by A.V. Grebenshchikov at the Oriental Institute in Vladivostok

10:30–11.00: coffee break

Chair: Pang Tatiana
11.00–11.30: Nakami Tatsuo (Tokyo , Japan). Shiratori Kurakichi’s Visit to Vladivostok in the early 20 th Century: from the First Page of History of “Oriental Studies” in Japan
11.30–12.00:  Petrova Maria (St.- Petersburg, Russia) Poet About Poet: G. Mend-Ooyoo’s Novel About D. Ravjaa
12.00–12.30: Gong Hairong (Beijing, China), Shiqing Ding (Minzu, China) Languages of the Dahur and Oroqen in Contact in Northern China—a Comparative Study of Kin Terms (Culture and Variation of Kinship Terminology)

12.30–13.30: dinner

14.00–18.00: Sea excursion for seeing Amursky Gulf
19.00: dinner (Cafeteria of Academy of Arts or restaurant “Peking”)


Section 5 (Altaic Studies in Interdisciplinary Research, of Academy of Arts, aud.)

Chair Petrova Maria
09.00–09.30: Shavkunov Vladimir (Vladivostok, Russia) Smol’ninskaia culture Primorye.
09.30- 10.00: Budaeva Zorigma (Ulan-Ude, Russia) The Process of Acculturation in the Traditional Culture of the Buryats.
10.00–10.30: Ryzhikova T.R., Dobrynina A.A., Morozov V.V., Kulikov V.G. (Novosibirsk, Russia) Studying Sound Systems of Siberian Turkic Languages by the Method of Larygoscopy (Interdisciplinary Approach)
10.30–11.00: Urtegeshev N., Savel’ev A., Ganenko Yu. (Novosibirsk, Russia) MRT as a Method of Fixation and Preservation of Disappearing Verbs

11.00–11.30: coffee break

11.30–12.00: Tatár Sarolta (Oslo, Norway) Military Campaigns in Northwestern Hungary in the 11th century, and the Pechenegs
12.00–12.30: Dobrovits, Mihály (Budapest, Hungary)

12:30–13:30: dinner

14:00–18:00: Sea excursion for seeing Amursky Gulf
19:00: dinner (Cafeteria of Academy of Arts)


Section 6 (Audio-Visual Anthropology, of Academy of Arts, aud.)

Chair: Podmaskin Vladimir (Vladivostok, Russia).
9.00–12.00: Podmaskin Vladimir. Audio-visual Anthropology Tungus-Manchurians and Paleoasiatics in Russian Far East.


Plenary meeting (closing the Conference, Presidium Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences)
10.00–12.00: Plenary meeting, summing up the results.
12.00–13.00: dinner
14.00–18.00: excursion for seeing sights of Vladivostok
19.00: Banquet

14. 09. 2014

07.00–09.00: breakfast
09.00–12.00: departure