Proceedings 1997

Altaic Affinities. Proceedings of the 40th Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC). Edited by David B. Honey & David C. Wright. Indiana University Uralic and Altaic Series, vol. 168. (Bloomington, Indiana, 2001). 290pp. ISBN 0-93307049-7.


Preface vii–viii

Denis Sinor: Forty Years of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC): History and Reminiscences 1–25

Part One: History and Society
Miklós Érdy: Partial Horse Burials and Grave Structures of the Xiongnu Throughout Central Asia 26–65
David C. Wright: What’s in a Name? Would a Hsiung-nu by Any Other Name Still Be a Hun? 66–81
Junko Miyawaki-Okada: Women’s Property in the History of Nomadic Societies 82–89
David B. Honey: Two Notes on Kitan Statecraft: The Fall of Po-hai and the Establishment of Tung-tan 90–100
Hidehiro Okada: Breaking Arrows: How Did Alan Ghuua Show Up in Sixteenth-Century Japan? 101–105
William J. Hamblin: Central Asians in Medieval Africa 106–119
Ruth I. Meserve: Law and Domestic Animals in Inner Asia 120–137
Sechin Jagchid: Indo-Mongolian Historical Relations 138–149
E. Boikova: Russian Military Expeditions to Mongolia at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century 150–155
Gulnar Kendirbaeva: The Muslim Faction of the Russian Duma, 1906-1917 156–171
Eric Hyer: The “Great Game”: Mongolia Between Russia and China 172–182

Part Two: Linguistics
Alexander Vovin: Japanese, Korean, and Tungusic: Evidence for Genetic Relationship from Verbal Morphology 183–202
Hiroshi Ishii: Reflexes of *Tar (Face) in Japanese and Korean 203–208
Penglin Wang: The Correspondence Between Old English l and Mongolic n 209–224
Nina Solntseva: Plural Numbers in Mongolian and Southeast Asian Languages 225–229
N. Solntseva and V. Solntsev: Passive and Causative Categories in the Altaic and Southeast Asian Languages 230–235
William Rozycki: Manchu misun ~ Japanese miso 236–245
Yoshio Saitō: A Computer Database of West Middle Mongolian 246–253

Part Three: Literature
Ahmet B. Ercilasun: The Father-Son Struggle in Turkish Epics 254–257
Francesca Rebollo-Sborgi: The Manchu Legacy in Chinese Oral Narrative: The Role of Female Protagonists in Chinese Quyi Performance 258–266
György Kara: Stave-Rhyme, Head-Rhyme, End-Rhyme in Mongolian Poetry 267–280
Sechin Menghke: Mongolian Folk Singers 281–284
Bayir Dugarov: The First Information about the Buryat-Mongolian Epic in the West (Based on the Materials of the Scholar and Traveler Jeremiah Curtin) 285–290