Proceedings 1981

Studies in the History and Culture of Central Eurasia. Edited by Marcel Erdal. Published as vol. 16, No. 3 (1982) of Asian and African Studies, Journal of the Israel Oriental Society.


Introduction    275–279
Josef Matuz: The Nature and Stages of Ottoman Feudalism    281–292
Denis Sinor: Interpreters in Medieval Inner Asia 293–320
Edward Tryjarski: Names for Monetary Units, Measures, and Weights in Armeno-Kipchak Texts 321–336
Svetlana Rimsky-Korsakoff Dyer: The Soviet Dungans: Chinese Muslims in the Soviet Union 337–344
Veronika Veit: Galdan’s Nephew Danjila (d. 1708): An Example of the K‘ang-hsi Emperor’s Successful Policy towards the Mongols 345–356
Yuri Bregel: Tribal Tradition and Dynastic History: The Early Rulers of the Qongrats According to Munis 357–398
Mehmet Saray: The Alamans or Raiding Parties of the Turkmens 399–402
Dov B. Yaroshevski: The Mennonite Community in the Khanate of Khiva 403–406
Marcel Erdal: Early Turkish Names for the Muslim God, and the Title Çelebi 407–416