Proceedings 2005

Kinship in the Altaic World. Proceedings of the 48th Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Moscow 10 – 15 July, 2005. Edited by Elena V. Boikova and Rostislav B. Rybakov. Asiatische Forschungen, vol. 150. (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2006). X + 353 pp. ISBN 3-447-05416-6, ISSN: 0571-320X.


Prior, D. (2009). [Review of Kinship in the Altaic World. Proceedings of the 48th Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Moscow 10-15 July, 2005, Asiatische Forschungen, Bd. 150, by E. V. Boikova & R. B. Rybakov]. Journal of Asian History, 43(1), 74–75.


Anisya Kh. Aliyeva (Kazan): Evolution of the Travel Notes Genre (“Seyahatname”) in Tatar Literature 1–5
Vladimir M. Alpatov (Moscow): Words of Kinship in Japanese 7–11
Zoya Anayban (Moscow): Epic Legends and Archival Materials as Sources for Historical Study of the Role of Woman in Traditional Nomadic Societies of Southern Siberia 13–18
Tatiana A. Anikeeva (Moscow): Kinship in the Epic Genres of Turkish Folklore (on the example of “Kitab-i dedem Qorkut”) 19–23
Alsu A. Arslanova (Kazan): Notes on the History of Political Relations between the Ulus of Djochi and the Uluses of the Khulaguyids 25–41
Imre Baski (Budapest): On the Ethnic Names of the Cumans of Hungary 43–54
Galina F. Blagova (Moscow): Relationship Terms in the Structure of Proto-Turkic Anthroponymic System 55–62
Elena V. Boikova (Moscow): Mongolian Family in Perception of Foreigners (pre-revolutionary period) 63–70
Charles F. Carlson (Seattle): Finno-Ugric and Turkic Parallel Kinship Systems 71–79
Polina P. Dambueva (Moscow): On the Category of Voice in the Present Day Buryat Language 81–85
Anna V. Dybo (Moscow): Indoeuropeans and Altaians through the Linguistic Reconstruction 87–102
Roger Finch (Tokyo): The Suffix /-ko/ in Japanese 103–137
Fuat A. Ganiev (Kazan): Types of Affixes in Turkic Languages 139–144
Mark I. Gol’man (Moscow): B. Ya. Vladimirtsov about the Mongolian obok (kin) of the 11th–12th Centuries 145–148
Liliya M. Gorelova (Moscow): Typology of Information Structures in the Altaic Languages 149–171
İsmail Güleç (Istanbul): The Influence of the Classics on Cultural Relations 173–179
Sumiko Ikeda (Tashkent): Women in Uzbekistan – in the Modern Uzbek Society 181–185
Barbara Kellner-Heinkele (Berlin): Family Politics of Ottoman Ulema. The Case of Sheykhülislam Seyyid Feyzullah Efendi and his Descendants 187–198
Sergei G. Klyashtorny (Saint Petersburg): The Image of the Qaghan in Orkhon Monuments 199–201
Igor V. Kormushin (Moscow): Some Relationship Terms in the Yenisei Inscriptions 203–206
Chechesh Kudachinova (Moscow): Kinship as Survival Strategy in the Altai Society 207–210
Liu Ge, Kou Juxia (Xi’an, Shaanxi): An Elucidation of yägän in the Contract in Uygur 211–217
Takashi Osawa (Osaka): Aspects of Old Turkic Social System Based on Fictitious Kinship (the analysis of a term in Orkhon-Yenisei epitaphs) 219–230
Tatiana A. Pang (Saint Petersburg): The Worship of Fodo-mama – Progenitor of the Manchus 231–236
Maria P. Petrova (Saint Petersburg): Modern Mongolian Poems about Parents 237–241
Rodica Pop (Bucharest): Kinship and Exogamy in the Mongolian Clannish Society 243–253
Grigory Ts. Pyurbeev (Moscow): Syntactic Features of the Mongolian Dictionary “Mukhaddimat Al-Adab” 255–258
Alice Sárkőzi (Budapest): Levirate among the Mongols 259–267
Zoya M. Shalyapina (Moscow): Some Aspects of Valency Inheritance in Japanese 269–282
Alexander M. Shcherbak (Saint Petersburg): On the Mongolian and Manchu-Tungus Verbal Stems Formed by Extraordinary Way from the Turkic Words 283–289
Tatyana Skrynnikova (Ulan-Ude): Semantics of the Names of the Mongols’ Forefathers 287–292
Giovanni Stary (Venice): Binominal Manchu Names 293–304
Рита Сумба (Кызыл): Тибетские рукописи и ксилографы в фондах Национального музея им. Алдан Маадыр Республики Тува 305–309
Rosa Tadinova (Moscow): The Early Turkic Vocabulary of Funeral Rites 311–319
Edward Tryjarski (Warsaw): Terminology of Family and Kinship in Kipchak Texts of the Polish Armenians and in the “Codex Cumanicus” 321–327
Fatma Ahsen Turan (Ankara): Tree Kinship 329–332
David Curtis Wright (Calgary): Fictitious Kinship Relations between the Song Chinese and Kitan Liao Ruling Houses During the Eleventh Century 333–339
Ilуа V. Zaytsev (Moscow): The Structure of the Giray Dynasty (15th-16th centuries): Matrimonial and Kinship Relations of the Crimean Khans 341–353