20th Meeting Leiden, 1977

(Leiden, August 15-19, 1977)

At the Business Meeting held on August 17, Professor Denis Sinor, the PIAC’s Secretary General was reelected to the same Of­fice for a period of five years.
The Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies (PIAC Medal) was awarded to Ambassador Gunnar Jarring.

The following resolutions were passed:


Participants of the 20th Meeting of the PIAC assembled in Leiden, center of learning, seat of oriental studies for many centuries, wish to put on record their appreciation of and grati­tude for the hospitality, kindness and friendship with which they were received.
Whereas the Meeting’s President and the members of the Organizing Committee, to wit our colleagues A.H. Nauta, D. Koopman, J. Simonis have done their utmost to receive the PIAC in a spirit of cordiality and to maintain the high scholarly level of its discussions, and have splendidly succeeded in their efforts.
Whereas Professor van Donzel, Director of the Institute of the Near East has graciously received the participants at a memorable soirée which demonstrated the ineptitude of the American expression “Dutch treat”.
Whereas the Director of the famous Museum of Ethnography has opened up the treasures of its collections to the participants of our Meeting.
Whereas the publisher E.J. Brill – whose activities over the past Century have done so much to strengthen our discipline – was generous enough to receive the participants at a reception at which their appetites for foods and drinks was satisfied in the same measure as their thirst for books assuaged.
Be it resolved that to all the aforementioned persons and institutions be conveyed the expression of the participants’ ap­preciation and gratitude here duly recorded.
Moreover, the 20th Meeting of the PIAC welcomes the appointment of Its old member Barbara Flemming to the chair of Turcology in the University of Leiden and wishes her a happy and fruitful tenure, thanking her for the help she had given to the organizers of this Meeting and hoping that – just as her predecessor Profes­sor Jahn – one day she will join the ranks of the illustrious holders of the Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies.
Moreover, on the occasion of the reelection of the Secretary General for another term of five years of forced labor, the Membership fondly remembers Mrs. Karin Ford on whose shoulders has rested for almost ten years the burden of much of the PIAC’s administration. To her and to Indiana University’s continuous, generous support the thanks of all be conveyed.


Dr. Emel Esin proposed and the Membership unanimously approved a resolution thanking the Secretary General for his past Services and wishing him success and satisfaction in his new term of Office.

List of participants of the 20th PIAC

Doğan Aksan, Turkey
David Barrett, United Kingdom
John Andrew Boyle, United Kingdom
Yuri Bregel, Israel
Marc van Damme, Netherlands
Emery van Donzel, Netherlands
Dubins i, Aleksander, Poland
Fokke Th. Dijkema, Netherlands
Abdullah T. Emiloglu, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Marcel Erdal, Israel
Emel Esin, Turkey
Barbara Flemming, Netherlands
Annemarie von Gabain, German Federal Republic
Alexander H. de Groot, Netherlands
James Hamilton, France
Aulis J. Joki, Finland
Petra K. Kappert, German Federal Republic
Abdulkadir Karahan, Turkey
Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, German Federal Republic
Dick Koopman, Netherlands
Owen Lattimore, France
Eddy Moerloose, Belgium
Ane H. Nauta, Netherlands
Hidehiro Okada, Japan
Igor de Rachewiltz, Australia
Jean Richard, France
Staffan Rosen, Sweden
Klaus Sagaster, German Federal Republic
Alice Sarközi, Hungary
Peter Schulz, German Federal Republic
Edmond Schütz, Hungary
Henry G. Schwarz, USA
Osman Sertkaya, Turkey
Takesi Sibata, Japan
Juriaan Simonis, Netherlands
Denis Sinor, USA
David Staats, USA
Talat Tekin, Turkey
Semih Tezcan, Turkey
Edward Tryjarski, Poland
István Vásáry, Hungary
Hans-Peter Vietze, German Democratic Republic
Wolfgang Voigt, German Federal Republic
Frits Vox, Netherlands
Mary Frances Weidlich, USA
Michael Weiers, German Federal Republic
Nuri Yüce, Turkey
Henry F. Hofman, Netherlands
Hartwig Scheinhardt, German Federal Republic
Chi Tang, Republic of China (Taiwan)

(Source: Permanent International Altaistic Conference Newsletter No. 12, July 1978, pp. 5–7)

Alice Sárközi wrote a report on this meeting: The Twentieth Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (P.I.A.C.), Acta Orient. Hung. XXXII. 1978 pp. 113–114.