42nd Meeting Prague, 1999

42nd PIAC Meeting

The 42nd annual meeting of the PIAC was held August 22–27 1999, in Prague (Czech Republic) under the presidency of Dr. Charles F. Carlson.

It is one of those meetings in the history of the PIAC where a proceedings volume was never produced. The list of participants is reconstructed from a highly incomplete list of contact data which comprises only approx. 50 persons, as well as those participants mentioned in the existing reports; the meeting report by E. Tryjarski (see below) speaks of approx. 140 participants. Unfortunately, the general programme does not state individual communications.

Besides the two aforementioned documents of a more clerical nature, there are three reports on this meeting: one introductory article written by Bruce Pannier of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (reproduced with kind permission by RFE/RL), one report written by the eminent Polish scholar E. Tryjarski, and finally another report written by Beatrice Hogan, also of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (also reproduced with kind permission by RFE/RL).

Oliver Corff, March 09, 2023.