Wilhelm Radloff’s Manchu Interest

Walravens Hartmut

(Berlin, Germany)

Wilhelm Radloff’s Manchu Interest

(57th Annual Meeting of the PIAC Vladivostok, 2014)

Wladyslaw Kotwicz gave a report on Radloff’s investigation of the Manchu/Sibe language. In the meantime, one of the texts that Radloff had collected was published and translated, and a new source has come to light to provide details on his Manchu activities, namely his letters to the well-known linguist Hans Conon von der Gabelentz (1817-1874). The letter file has been prepared for publication and will hopefully be published soon.

Editor’s note: No Proceedings were produced at the 47th Annual Meeting of the PIAC. The article was published separately: Wilhelm Radloff’s contributions to Manchu studies and Tatar folklore – an update. CAJ 63.2020, 309–322.