Smol’ninskaia culture Primorye

Shavkunov Vladimir (Vladivostok, Russia),
Diakova Olga (Vladivostok, Russia)

Smol ́ninskaia culture Primorye

(57th Annual Meeting of the PIAC Vladivostok, 2014)

The sites of Smol ́ninskaia culture are located in the Central and Eastern areas of Primorye and date from the VIII-XI centuries. Archaeological materials of these sites give reason to associate the origin of Smol ́ninskaia culture, mainly with Poltsevskaia culture of Paleoasiatics. The Smol ́ninskaia culture population was Eastern neighbors of the Bohai state, but was not included in its composition. In the XIth century they were displaced from places of their residence by Jurchens in Primorye.