Girfanova, Albina H.

Гирфанова, Альбина Хакимовна, Albina Hakimovna Girfanova (born in Weimar, GDR, on February 1st, 1957, died on February 2nd, 2018), scholar of Albanian, Balkan and Manju-Tungus studies, teacher at the philological faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

PIAC Participation:

  • 49th Meeting, Berlin 2006
  • 50th Meeting, Kazan 2007
  • 51st Meeting, Bucharest 2008: “V.K. Arsenyev – An Outstanding Traveller, Scholar and Author
  • 52nd Meeting, Huhhot 2009: “Myth and mythology in the life of the Udeghe (and other Tungus-Manchu peoples of the Amur region)”
  • 53rd Meeting, St. Petersburg 2010: “Linguistic and Ethnographic Materials of E.R. Schneider in Archives of St. Petersburg”
  • 54th Meeting, Bloomington/Indiana 2011
  • 55th Meeting, Cluj/Napoca 2012 (together with Nikolai Sukhachev): “Turkish Military and Administrative Vocabulary for Balkan Realities
  • 56th Meeting, Izmit 2013: “The Gender Features of the Kinship System and Terminology Among the Udeghe”
  • 57th Meetting, Vladivostok 2014