Higuchi, Koichi


  • 35th Meeting, 1992:”The Bhadracaryāpraṇidhānarāja in Mongolian”
  • 38th Meeting, 1995: “Üker-ün aɣula or Mongolian Versions of the Gośrṅgavyākaraṇa”
  • 41st Meeting, 1998:
  • 52nd Meeting, 2009: “How Mongolian Buddhist Works Were Translated and Revised?”
  • 53rd Meeting, 2010: “Unknown Treasures Hidden in Lines of Mongolian Buddhist Literature in the Case of Mongolian Versions of the Lotus Sutra”
  • 54th Meeting, 2011: “Blessing on the top of Cow Mountain: what Üker-ün aƔula tells us”
  • 55th Meeting, 2012: “How were the Mongolian versions of The Lotus Sutra transmitted?
  • 58th Meeting, 2015: “Multilayered Construction of Mongolian Buddhist Works; a Case Study”
  • 59th Meeting, 2016:
  • 60th Meeting, 2017:
  • 62nd Meeting, 2019: “A New Light to Mongolian Translations of Bhadrakalpika