Okada Hidehiro 岡田英弘

岡田英弘 Hidehiro Okada, Japan (January 24, 1931 — May 25, 2017)

Recipient of the Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies, 1999


  • 7th Meeting, Arnhem 1964
  • 20th Meeting, Leiden 1977: How Hong Taiji came to the throne
  • 27th Meeting, Walberberg 1984: The Chinggis Khan Shrine and the Secret History of the Mongols
  • 28th Meeting, Venice 1985: Jesuit Influence in Emperor K‘ang-hsi’s Manchu Letters
  • 29th Meeting, Tashkent 1986: The fall of the Uriyanqan Mongols
  • 30th Meeting, Bloomington 1987: The Chakhar Shrine of Eshi Khatun
  • 31st Meeting, Weimar 1988: Origin of the Khorchin Mongols
  • 32nd Meeting, Oslo 1989: Dayan Khan in the Biography of Altan Khan
  • 33rd Meeting, Budapest 1990: The Yüan Seal in the Manchu Hands: The Source of the Ch‘ing Legitimacy
  • 34th Meeting, Berlin 1991: The Khan as the Sun, the Jinong as the Moon
  • 35th Meeting, Taipei 1992: The Mongolian Literary Tradition in Early Manchu Culture
  • 37th Meeting, Chantilly 1994: Chinggis Khan’s wise sayings: How genuine are they?
  • 38th Meeting, Kawasaki 1995 (as President): The Imperial Seal in the Mongol and Chinese Tradition
  • 39th Meeting, Szeged 1996: Haslund’s “Toregut Rarelro” Deciphered
  • 40th Meeting, Provo 1997: Breaking Arrows: How Did Alan Ghuua Show Up in Sixteenth-Century Japan?
  • 41st Meeting, Majvik 1998: Haslund’s «Toregut Rarelro» rediscovered
  • 43rd Meeting, 2000: Original Version of the Toreguto Rarelro
  • 44th Meeting, Walberberg 2001: The Role of Women in the Erdeni-yin Tobchi: The post-imperial period in particular
  • 46th Meeting, Ankara 2003: Introduction to the Japanese Translation with Commentary of Erdeni-Yin Tobči by Saghang Sechen Khong Tayiji
  • 47th Meeting, 2004: History of the Chinese Civilization; Progressive Altaicization of the Chinese States
  • 49th Meeting, Berlin 2006: Parallel Texts in Saɣang’s Erdeni-yin Tobči and Blo bzang bstan ‘dzin’s Altan Tobči