The Collected Works of Hidehiro Okada, Vol. VIII

Dear Reader,

It is the editor’s distinguished pleasure to announce that the VIIIth volume of The Collected Works by Prof. Hidehiro Okada is now available. Published by Fujiwara-shoten (ISBN: 978-4-86578-076-5)  in Japan, this volume is in great part dedicated to the PIAC. Its title reads (in Japanese and English): Sixty Years in Eurasian Studies of the World. The title illustration shows the original PIAC medal (Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies) which Prof. Okada was awarded in 1999. Prof. Okada was also the President of the 38th Annual Meeting held in Kawasaki, Japan, in 1995.

This volume deserves a dedicated announcement as Prof. Okada participated in his first annual meeting of the PIAC more than 50 years ago, as early as 1964 at the age of 33. The first part of this volume, approx. 200 pages, contains 16 detailed reports of PIAC meetings between 1964 and 1998 he participated in. It should be mentioned that Prof. Okada continued to participate in PIAC meetings even after 1998.

One further information is worth sharing here. The book couldn’t be more up to date as even the 59th Meeting which took place in Turkey in June/July 2016 is mentioned in the introduction.

Oliver Corff.