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PIAC Prize For Altaic Studies

Dear Reader,

The 61st Annual Meeting of the PIAC witnessed the inauguration of a new PIAC Medal, as the colloquial name goes, in recognition of and succession to the Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies. It was decided during the 60th Meeting of the PIAC Székesfehérvár (Hungary), 2017, that the PIAC now endows its own medal, baptized The PIAC Prize for Altaic Studies.

This medal is cast in sterling silver, features an artistic rendering of the famous PIAC logo and was created by German sculptor Frank Förster to whom we express our deepest appreciation for his outstanding work.

The procedure of finding a suitable candidate for the medal is conducted in time-honoured fashion by a medal committee which consists, ex officio, of Secretary General and President of the PIAC, and three members annually chosen by secret ballot during the business meeting.

The first recipient of the new PIAC Medal is Dieter Maue (Germany).

Oliver Corff, Bishkek, August 30, 2018.

PIAC Medal 2014

The 2014 Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies, also known as the PIAC Medal, was awarded to Mongolian scholar D. Tserensodnom.

Prof. Tserensodnom received the medal during a ceremony held in at the premises of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, in January 2015. The academic world of Mongolia takes particular pride in this award as it is only the second time in 50 years that this prize was awarded to a Mongolian. The first Mongolian scholar to receive the medal was B. Rinchen.

There was extensive media coverage on television, nation-wide newspapers and academic journals of this event.