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Previous Meetings: Information on 37th Meeting, Chantilly 1994, now available

Dear Reader,

The editor continues to negotiate his path through a huge treasure trove of PIAC documents: books of abstracts, lists of participants, and programmes of previous PIAC Meetings. If these materials contain many hand-written notes or are typeset by typewriter which was typically the case until the 1990s, they have to be copied manually. Thus, it is understandable that this is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, the editor does not process the materials in a linear, time-sequential fashion but his choices are rather prompted by a multitude of factors, curiosity not being the least among them.

That is why the List of Participants and Titles of Communications of the 37th Annual Meeting of the PIAC, held in Chantilly, France, in 1994, is available only now.

Oliver Corff
Secretary General
July 2024