Proceedings 2013

Expressions of Gender in the Altaic World

Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC), Kocaeli, Turkey, July 7-12, 2013

In: Studien zur Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur der Turkvölker, 31

Edited by: Münevver Tekcan and Oliver Corff. De Gruyter, 2021


Preface VII
Zoya Anayban: Gender Aspects of Adaption to Contemporary Socioeconomic Conditions in Southern Siberia 1–4
Liubov’ D. Badmaeva: Feminine Designations in the Buryat Language 5–9
Christine Bell: Ceremonial Attire of the Oracle Priest Sungma Balung chö je 11–22
Elena Boykova: The General and Gender Factor in the Upbringing of Children in Mongolia 23–28
Alicia Campi: Historical to Contemporary Mongolian Experience with Female Political Activism 29–37
Oliver Corff: Gender, Sex and Symmetry: Matters and Modes of Expression in an 18th Century Multilingual Dictionary 39–49
Bair Dugarov and Esuna Dugarova: The Image of Alan-goa — the Foremother of Genghis Khan 51–56
Roger Finch (1937–2019): Gender Distinctions in Nouns and Pronouns of the Altaic Languages 57–83
Albina Girfanova (1957–2018): Gender Features of the Kinship System and Terminology Among the Udeghe 85–90
Abdurrahman Gülbeyaz: The Universal and the Language-Specific in the Construction of Gender: A Comparative Semiotic Study 91–102
Barbara Kellner-Heinkele: Women in Abu l-Ghazi Bahadur Khan’s Shajara-i Turk 103–122
Satoshi Kubo: Language that soils and injures ‘namus’: Reading and comprehending ‘namus’ as a speech act 123–129
Jacques Legrand: Is Language “Gender” Related With “Sex”? (The Case of Mongolian, a Language without Gender) 131–140
Liu Ge: Turpan Non-free Women in the Perspective of Addressing Female Slaves in the Era of
the Mongol and Yuan Dynasty (Research on Uyghur documents Unearthed in Turpan) 141–146
Benedek Péri: The Gender of the Beloved in One of Bayrâm Khan’s Chaghatay Gazels 147–160
Katharina Sabernig: Gender Related Symptoms in Tibetan Medical Practice 161–177
Serpil Yazıcı Şahin: Terms of Female Kinship in Modern Uighur and Uzbek 179–191
Giovanni Stary: Male Name-giving Principles of the Sibe People in Xinjiang 193–195
Kinga Szálkai: Women and Soviet Acculturation in Central Asia before the Second World War 197–202
Münevver Tekcan: Gender Projection/Perception in the Babur-nāma 203–213
Litip Tohti: Gender Expressions in Uyghur 215–223
Hartmut Walravens: Sexual life of the Manchus — Literary Sources 225–237