64th Meeting Budapest, 2022: List of Participants and Titles of Papers

Şükrü Halûk Akalın (Ankara): Words Used for Ink in Turkic Languages

Michael Balk (Berlin): Crossroads of Mongolian Scripts

Christine Bell (Berlin): Sheepskin Coats in the Bâbur-nâma

Oliver Corff (Berlin): From Felt to Fabric: Transformative Processes in Manju Lexicology and Lexicography

Alice Crowther (Paris): Practices of Reading Official Calendars under the Qing and Some Evidence on the Religion of the Eight Banner’s Russian Company (Oros niru/ Eluosi zuoling 鄂羅斯佐領) in the Late 18th Century

Ayşe Şeyma Fındık and Mehmet Ölmez (Istanbul): Phonetics of Tuvan According to the Texts of Katanov

Ilya Gruntov and Olga Mazo (Moscow): Basic Vocabularies of Three Groups of Khamnigans

Ekaterina Gruzdeva and Juha Janhunen (Helsinki): The unstable nasal in the Manchurian linguistic area

KAO Hsiang-Tai (Paris): Some thoughts about Manchu case markers’ ellipsis and implication

Barbara Kellner-Heinkele (Berlin): Itineraries among the Turkic peoples of Siberia: The formative years of young V. V. Radlov

Martijn Knapen (Jena): Kizi: An Amuric Hydronym

Julie Lefort (Paris): Fabricating new Mongolic languages: the case of Dongxiang

Pierre Marsone (Paris): The Discovery of the Khitan Small Script Inscriptions in 1922: On Fr. Kervyn‘s Report

Innokentiy N. Novgorodov (Yakutsk): A Fabric of the Yakut Language and Culture in the Altaic Crossroads

Elisabetta Ragagnin (Venice): Crossroads, watchposts and isoglosses: sighting of Altaic ostension

Katharina Sabernig (Wien): The Manchu Anatomy – A Revisited Fabric of Bodily Paintings

Alsu Shamsutova (Kazan/Konya): Migration of the ancient Turks-Bulgars from the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea to the Volga and the Balkans (on the example of the origin of the name of the city “Kazan”)

Ikeda Sumiko (Tokyo/Tiflis): to be announced

Mária Magdolna Tatár (Oslo/Budapest): Iranian Loanwords in a North-Eastern Hungarian Dialect

Sarolta Tatár (Oslo/Budapest): The Hungarian Civil War Between Stephen I and Throne Pretender Koppany in ca. 998 A. D. and the Development of the Hungarian Frontier

Tyntchtykbek Tchoroev (Chorotegin) (Bishkek): A Multi-Ethnic Environment in the Karakhanid Khaganate in the 11th Century

Guldana Togabayeva (Szeged): Names of Central European Peoples in the Post-Golden Horde Sources

Sultan Tulu (Muğla): Heroes of the Dede Korkut Stories and their Epithets

Hartmut Walravens (Berlin): The Parrots in the Imperial Bird Album (Niaopu)

Abdurishid Yakup (Berlin/Beijing): Crossroads of Languages: Old Uyghur Interpretation of a Chinese Colophon in the Berlin Turfan Collection

Peter Zieme (Neuruppin): The Western Uyghur Kingdom and Relations with Eastern and Northern Neighbours