Programme of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Dunajská Streda, 6-11 September, 2015

September 6, Sunday

Arrival, registration, dinner

September 7, Monday

  9:00-12:00 Opening Session, Confessions

14:30-16:00 Plenary session (Mihály Dobrovits)

Csongor, Barnabás: Chinese standard histories on the origin of the Tujue (via Skype)

Kellner-Heinkele, Barbara: The Crimea in Focus. Turkological Research achievements of the Past in the Light of the Present.

Diakova, Olga: Korean Motifs in Pohai Ornaments

Zimonyi, István: Ármin Vámbéry’s concept about Hungarian prehistory in the light of recent research


16:30-18:00 Panels A and B

Panel A (Marcel Erdal)

Ölmez, Mehmet: About qwɣ and qwni säŋünüg from Old Turkic Inscriptions

Keller, László: Kelengye and kalangya: – Two Hungarian etymological sketches

Uzuntaş, Hülya: Seyfe’l-Mülük ve Bediül -Cemal Hikayesi written in Islamic period in Chagatai Turkish with Uighur script and its grammar analysis


Panel B (Jacques Legrand)

Szálkai, Kinga: Ethnic issues and border delineations in Soviet Central Asia – The role of ethnography

Bartha-Rigó, Márta: Chinese development policy in Xinjiang

19:00 Reception

September 8, Tuesday

10:00-12:00 Panels A and B

Panel A (Mehmet Ölmez)

Dobrovits, Mihály: A possible evidence of Vambery’s alleged last journey to Iran (1909)

Pirický, Gabriel: Vladimír Krivoš’ Letters from Crimea: Travel Accounts on Crimean Tatars in the Service of Slovak National Revival

Walravens, Hartmut: Brave Manchu officers fighting rebels

Blažek, Vaclav–Schwarz, Michal: Altaic from the Tungusic point of view – past & present state and future prospects


Panel B (Elena Boykova)

Sárközi, Alice: Representation of hungry ghosts

Turan, Fatma Ahsen: The Snake Cult From Central Asıa To Anatolia And Its Reflection On The Decorations And Ornaments In Anatolia

Bell, Christine: Arts and crafts in Kyrgyzstan: Textiles yesterday and today

Basbug, Firat: Can artwork be used in the revitalisation of language? The case of Chulym Tatars

14:30-18:00 Panels A and B


Panel A/1 (14:30-16:00) (Hartmut Walravens)

Apatóczky, Ákos: Some entries of the Hua Yi yiyu revisited

Ölmez, Zühal: Mongolian Loanwords in the Works of Navai (III)

Hsiao, Su-ying: On complement clauses of utterance verbs in Manchu Veritable Records


Panel A/2 (16:30-18:00) (Alicia Campi)

Boykova, Elena: Essential lines of Russian researches in Mongolia in the 19th century

Higuchi, Koichi: Mongolian Buddhist Works from the Viewpoint of Language Contacts in the Middle Period

Kobayashi, Yoko: An aspect of language contact in progress in Inner Mongolia


Panel B/1 (14:30-16:00) (Alice Sárközi)

Campi, Alicia: The Place of Altaic Studies within ‘Silk Road’ and Eurasian Continentalism

Corff, Oliver: Are Altaic Studies a political science?

Kovács, Attila: Images of Islam(s) in Contemporary Turkish Cinema


Panel B/2 (16:30-18:00) (Gabriel Pirický)

Wu, Jing: The History of China’s Ancient Uighur Documents Research in the Twenieth Century

Liu, Ge: The History of China’s Ancient Uighur Documents Research in the 21st Century

Abaeva, Liubov: “Tankha” in the painting art of the Vadjrayana Buddhism of the Mongols and its transmission to the European and American culture

September 9, Wednesday


September 10, Thursday

10:00-12:00 Panels A and B

Panel A (Oliver Corff)

Anikeeva, Tatiana: The art of the book illustration in litographies of Turkish folk narratives

Averianov, Yuri: Sufi connotations of the miniature works of Siyah Kalem

Enteri Durhan, Nazgül: The history of the Kyrgyz musical instruments in the light of musical instruments of the Turkic world.

14:30-16:00 Business meeting

16:00-18:00 Walking tour in the city

18:00 Closing ceremony & Reception

September 11