19th Meeting Helsinki, 1976

7-11 June 1976


President: Professor Aulis J. Joki (University of Helsinki)

Organizing Committee: Pentti Aalto, Okan Daher, Ymär Daher, Harry Halén, Juha Janhunen, Songmoo Kho, Aatos Salo.



The 19th Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference having concluded its deliberations in Hanasaari near Helsinki gratefully acknowledges the hospitality, efficiency and general cordiality of all those who have cooperated to make the occasion scientifically productive and socially delightful.
Whereas the Finnish Ministry of Education has given its generous support to the meeting, and Chief of Section Numminen has particularly exerted himself on its behalf;
Whereas the Scandinavian Institute for Asian Studies in Copenhagen has provided additional financial support particularly for the preparation and printing of the Proceedings;
Whereas Indiana University has once again provided the gold medal of the Indiana University Prize for Altaic Studies awarded by the Meeting;
Be it resolved that the sincere gratitude of the PIAC for such help received be expressed and recorded.
Moreover the PIAC expresses its appreciation of the careful planning and efficient work of the local Organizers, and, more particularly of its President, Professor Aulis J. Joki. Without his energy, foresight and hard work the Meeting would have never taken place and would have never been as well run as it was.
Heartfelt thanks are due also to hls collaborators, Professor Penttl Aalto, Dr. Ymär Daher, Mr. Harry Halen, Mr. Okan Daher, Mr. Juha Janhunen, Mr. Sangmoo Kho, Mr. Aatos Salo and the charm­ing, competent and ever-helpful ladies working in the Office of the Meeting.
Finally, special thanks are due also to Dr. and Mrs. Ymär Daher and to their charming family for the extraordinary reception given in their home where, in a Chekovian decor set against the clear lake lit by the nordic night, the humming of the mosquitoes was drowned by the Uralic and Altaic songs freely flowing from the lips of the participants, and their stings forgotten in the generous torrent of Finno-Tatar hospitality.

List of participants of the 19th PIAC

Pentti Aalto, Finland
Doğan Aksan, Turkey
Boris Arapović, Sweden
N.A. Baskakov, USSR
Marie-Lise Beffa, France
James Evert Bosson, USA/Sweden
B. Čaryjarov, USSR
Chieh-hsien Ch’en, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Mrs. Ch’en, Republic of China (Taiwan)
John G. Coates, England
Björn Collinder, Sweden
Britta Collinder, Sweden
Okan Daher, Finland
Ymär Daher, Finland
Emel Esin, Turkey
Seyfullah Esin, Turkey
N.Z. Gadžieva, USSR
Rano Habib, USSR/India
Harry Halén, Finland
Stephen A. Halkovic, USA
Roberte Hamayon, France
A.I. Harisov, USSR
Paul Hyer, USA
Fahir İz,Turkey/USA
Sechin Jagchid, USA
Juha Janhunen, Finland
Gunnar Jarring, Sweden
Aulis J. Joki, Finland
Stanislaw Kałuzyński, Poland
S. Kamalov, USSR
Abdülkadír Karahan, Turkey
Songmoo Kho, Korea/Finland
Dick Koopman, The Netherlands
Ilse Laude-Cirtautas, USA
László Lörincz, Hungary
Karl H. Menges, USA
Roy Andrew Miller, USA
Nullo Minissi, Italy
S.F. Muhamedjarov, USSR
Z.B. Muhamedova, USSR
K. Musaev, USSR
Sirkka-Liisa Mäki, Finland
Ane H. Nauta, The Netherlands
David Nissman, Federal Republic of Germany
Lars-Erik Nyman, Sweden
B.O. Oruzbaeva, USSR
Nicholas Poppe, USA
András Róna-Tas, Hungary
Aatos Salo, Finland
Bernd Scherner, Federal Republic of Germany
Juriaan Simonis, The Netherlands
Denis Sinor, USA
Mrs. Jean Sinor, USA
David R. Staats, Federal Republic of Germany
Magdalena Tatár, Hungary
Talat Tekín, Turkey
Edward Tryjarski, Poland
István Vásáry, Hungary
Nurí Yüce, Turkey

(Source: Permanent International Altaistic Conference Newsletter No. 12, July 1978, pp. 2–4)

The Brigham Young University student newspaper “Daily Universe” published an article of the participation of two faculty members, Drs. Hyer and Jagchid, in the conference.