28th Meeting Venice, 1985 (Summary and List of Participants)

This is the summary which appeared in the PIAC Newsletter No. 16, August 1986, p. 7. For the detailed report compiled by Ádám Molnár and published 1988 in Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hung. see here.



The 28th annual meeting of the PIAC was held under the presidency of Professor Andreas Csillaghy in Venice, Italy, from the 8th to the 14th July, 1985, in the magnificent setting of the Centro Linguistico Interfacoltà, Università di Venezia. This was the second PIAC meeting held on Italian soil (the first meeting took place in Ravello in 1966) and this marvellous city, home of Marco Polo and of the Codex Cumanicus, with its many contacts with the Altaic world (after all, so the story goes, the city owes its very existence to Attila) provided a marvellous background to the scholarly activities of our group. In recent years, thanks to the efforts of Professor Giovanni Stary, Manchu studies have also greatly developed at the University.
Of course it would be vain to pretend that the attractions of the city left the participants unmoved, but the generous siesta time gave ample opportunity for Sightseeing. The reception given by the Mayor and a Superlative dinner at “Cipriani’s” in Torcello stand out among the social events. Many a participant could not resist the temptation of being photographed in Torcello sitting on the stone throne which, it is said, had been used by Attila himself.

(Source: Permanent International Altaistic Conference Newsletter No. 16, August 1986, p. 7)


  • Abbiati Sivazliyan Scilla (Italy)
  • Bellingeri Giampiero (Italy)
  • Buğra Atsız (FRG)
  • Coco Carla (Italy)
  • Ch‘en Chieh-hsien (China)
  • Chen Ching-lung (China)
  • Chimeddorji (PRC)
  • Carlson Charles (FRG)
  • Csáki Eva (Hungary)
  • Csillaghy Andrea (Italy)
  • Daher О. (Finland)
  • De Rachewiltz Igor (Australia)
  • Devahuti, Mrs. (India)
  • Di Cosmo Nicola (Italy)
  • Erdal Marcel (Israel)
  • Fogoljan L. (Italy)
  • Gadžieva, Nina Z. (USSR)
  • Heissig Walther (FRG)
  • Hofman H.F. (Holland)
  • Howell R.W. (USA)
  • Ikegami Jirô (Japan)
  • Jagchid Sechin (USA)
  • Kocaoglu Timur (FRG)
  • Lénárt Eszter (Hungary)
  • Manzonetto Flora (Italy)
  • Michaeli Mirza (FRG)
  • Miller Roy Andrew (USA)
  • Miyawaki Junko (Japan)
  • Molnár Adam (Hungary)
  • Okada Hidehiro (Japan)
  • Paksoy H.B. (Great Britain)
  • Richard Jean (France)
  • Sinor Denis (USA)
  • Solncev V.M. (USSR)
  • Stary Giovanni (Italy)
  • Seong Baeg-in (Korea)
  • Tatar M. Magdalena (Norway)
  • Tryjarski Edward (Poland)
  • Vardul I.F. (USSR)
  • Vietze Hans-Peter (GDR)
  • Weidlich Mary Frances (USA)
  • Wallacker В.E. (USA)
  • Zuanelli Sonino Elisabetta (Italy)