16th Meeting Ankara, 1973

The original programme of the 16th Meeting can be found here, the Proceedings can be found here.



The sixteenth meeting of the PIAC was held in Ankara at the Haceteppe University from October 21 to 26, 1973, under the presidency of Professor Ahmet Temir and under the auspices of the Türk Kultürünü Araştirma Enstitüsü. The central theme of the meeting was “The Altaic concept of the state and its expression in various aspects of culture.”
At the business meeting held on October 25, the following resolution, proposed by the Secretary-General, was passed unanimously:

The 16th meeting of the PIAC, assembled in Ankara from the 21st to the 26th of October, 1973, would like to put on record:

  1. The deep satisfaction felt at the occasion of having its encounter held, for the first time, in Turkey, It would like to be counted among the many well-wishers of the Turkish Republic on its 50th anniversary.
  2. Its respectful appreciation of the honor shown it by Mr. Fahri Korutürk, President of the Republic of Turkey, and by the Prime Minister, Mr. Naim Talu, both of whom greeted the meeting with, respectively, a letter and a telegram expressing their best wishes for the success of the forthcoming meeting and emphasizing the PIAC’s importance for Turkish studies.
  3. Its gratitude to the Minister of State, Mr. Ismail Hakki Tekinel and to the Secretary of State, Consultant for Cultural Affairs, Mr. Meh­met Önder, who, in their busy schedules, found time to attend the opening meeting and deliver much-appredated speeches.
  4. Its heartfelt thanks to Professor Ahmet Temir and to Dr. Talât Tekin respectively President and Secretary of the PIAC’s 16th meeting, for the generous and efficient Organization of this encounter. It is aware of the fact that they would have been unable to secure the impressive premises of Hacettepe University without the active and benevolent help of Prof. Ihsan Dogramaci, Rector, and Prof. Emel Sönmez, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Administrative Sciences. The latter attended several of our meetings.
  5. In agreement with the Turkish Secretariat of State for Cultural Affairs, the Türk Kültürünü Araştırma Ensitüsü, took upon itself the Organization of this 16th meeting and, after due process, its Director, Professor Ahmet Temir, was entrusted with the Office of the PIAC’s presidency, while Dr. Talât Tekin was appointed Secretary. All the collaborators of the Institute participated in the preparation of the meeting.

Whereas the PIAC gratefully acknowledges all the help received from the just-named bodies and persons and, no doubt, from many others not here named.
Be it resolved to convey to all concerned the sincere thanks of all the participants of the 16th meeting of the PIAC, together with their fervent wishes for the further development of Altaic studies in a prosperous Republic of Turkey.

There were approximately one hundred participants from the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Federal Republic of Ger­many, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, The Nether­lands, Norway, Poland, Republic of China, Roumania, Spain, Turkey, and the United States of America.
A detailed description of the meeting has already appeared in vols. VIII-IX-X, pp. 185-202, of Cultura Turcica.

(Source: Permanent International Altaistic Conference Newsletter No. 9, 1974, pp. 3–4)