62nd Meeting Friedensau, 2019

62nd Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC)

The 62nd Annual Meeting will be hosted by Friedensau Adventist University at Friedensau, 18 – 23 August 2019.

This year’s central theme:

State and Religion in the Altaic World

Information regarding the program, participants etc. will appear here in due course.

Friedensau — Travel Information

Friedensau can be reached easily by train from Berlin. From Berlin’s two airports, travel usually takes around two hours. If you arrive at Berlin via train, reaching Friedensau is a convenient ride on the local train away. By car, you can travel on Germany’s national highway 2, there is a highway exit nearby. See below for details.

Arrivals at Berlin-Tegel (TXL): Follow the bus signs and take the bus line 109. Single-trip tickets can be bought at vending machines nearby at a price of €2.70. If two or more persons travel together it is strongly recommended to buy four tickets at the reduced price of €9.00 (making the bus trip €2.25), or check offers for group tickets. The public transport utility BVG as a comprehensive web site: https://www.bvg.de/en.

Busses leave at regular intervals, around every 5 to 10 minutes. The bus ride takes approx. 16 minutes to Berlin-Charlottenburg, also announced as Kaiser-Friedrich-Str./Kantstr. (you will notice other travellers disembark at that station, too). From the bus stop to the train station, there is a walk of a few minutes, however, the station is clearly visible and not easy to miss.

Change to the railway, take local train (“Regionalbahn” in German) RE1, destination Magdeburg, from platform 4. The train leaves every hour at xx:51, or nine minutes to the full hour. Your destination is Burg, or fully indicated as Burg(Magdeburg). As there are several places named “Burg” in Germany, you should pay attention to the specifier “Magdeburg” when planning your own itinerary. The train ride lasts typically 1h23min, so if you boarded the train at 10:51 your arrival time is 12:14. Total travel time is typically less than two hours. Regular ticket price is €27.70, but various reductions may be available. Tickets can be bought from the ticket counter in the entry hall of the station, or at any ticket vending machine near the platforms and tracks. Further information on railway transport is available at Deutsche Bahn.

Arrivals at Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF): Depending on the weight of your luggage, you can walk approx. 600m to the railway station (there is a roofed walkway) or wait for a shuttle bus. At the station, conveniently named Berlin-Schönefeld, where you go to platform 6 to embark on the local train (“Regionalbahn” in German) RE14, destination Nauen. The train leaves three minutes after the full hour, xx:03. Ride for 18 minutes until you reach a major station Ostbahnhof. You disembark at platform 7. At platform 6, you’ll find local train (“Regionalbahn”) RE1, destination Magdeburg, leaving at one minute to the half hour, at xx:29. The ride until Burg(Magdeburg) takes 1h45min. Total travel time is typically less than two and a half hours. Regular ticket price is €28.50, but various reductions may be available. Railway information is available at Deutsche Bahn.

Arrivals by train, at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station): Local trains (“Regionalbahn”), RE1, destination Magdeburg, leave every hour at xx:41, travel time to destination Burg(Magdeburg) is 1h33min. Regular ticket price is €27.70, but various reductions may be available. Railway information is available at Deutsche Bahn.

As local bus services in Burg commute on a reduced schedule due to summer vacations, you’ll prefer to be picked up at Burg railway station. Please inform the organizing committee of your arrival time. The car ride to Friedensau takes another 15 minutes.

Arrivals by private car: Friedensau (coordinates: 52° 12′ 42″ N, 11° 59′ 12″ E) is located in the district (“Landkreis”) Jerichower Land, in Saxony-Anhalt. It is about 10km away from the nearest city, Burg. The nearest exits at National Highway A2 (Bundesautobahn 2, horizontally crossing Germany, connecting the Western areas with Berlin) are Burg-Ost (coming from the west, heading east towards Berlin) and Theeßen (coming from Berlin, heading west).