The Features of Turkic Proverbs and its Parallels in European Languages

Raushangul Mukusheva

The Features of Turkic Proverbs and its Parallels in European Languages

(65th Meeting Astana, 2023)

This thesis analyzes common proverbs of Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Tatar and other peoples. Proverbs are treasures of folk wisdom. This genre of folklore is valuable not only for its philosophical node, a solution that conveys a lot of meaning in fewer words, but also because it can describe the history of the people, their social life, everyday life, traditions and customs. Even proverbs reveal the formation of the people as a nation and their relations with other nations through language contacts. There are many proverbs which we can be found in the written sources of old Turkic literature.

The poetic character is one of the many features of Turkic proverbs. From a point of view theory of literature, some proverbs, aphorisms, and riddles of a poetic nature can all be regarded as a type of poem. Scientific opinions have expressed that any linguistic phenomenon can acquire a poetic character in certain creative and functional conditions. The construction and poetic figurativeness of the proverbs verify the accuracy of conclusions made by scholars.

Some Hungarian proverbs are considered to be of Turkic origin; they could be borrowed from Turkic languages. According to Hungarian scientists, some Turkic proverbs first entered through other European languages and then into Hungarian, while others have only been present in Hungarian. It turns out that the ones that came through European languages, such as the Bulgarians. This article will also delve into the fact that some proverbs in Slavic languages have a Turkic origin. Furthermore, it is natural that proverbs undergo changes in relation to the culture and national mentality of each nation, so this will also be examined in this research.

Keywords: proverbs, borrowings, Turkic languages, Turkic folklore, Hungarian sayings, Turkic literature, poetry, Bulgarian proverbs, language contacts.