46th Meeting Ankara, 2003, Welcome Speech

(p. 3–4, 46. Uluslar arası sürekli Altayistik Konferansı bildirileri, 22-27 Haziran 2003 (PIAC). Altay dünyasında gündelik hayat. Türk Dil Kurumu Yayınları: 880. (Ankara, 2007). 471 pp.)

Welcoming Speech by Prof. Dr. Şükrü Halûk Akalın, President of the 46th Permanent International Altaistic Conference and the President of the Turkish Language Institution

Dear President, Dear Secretary General, Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 46th Annual Meeting of Permanent International Altaistic Conference. It is a great honor to see you in Turkey. I am greeting respectfully all of you, especially our distinguished guests who came from different countries in the world.
This is the forty-sixth annual meeting of PIAC. In forty-six years, PIAC was held for the second time in Turkey. In 1973, PIAC was held in Ankara, at the 50th anniversary of Turkish Republic. As a great chance, just after thirty years, PIAC is being held in Turkey again at the 80th anniversary of Turkish Republic.
It was decided in the last PIAC meeting, held in Budapest, that the forty sixth PIAC meeting would be held in Ankara. Professor Sinor had supported this idea, therefore I would like to thank him here.
PIAC is being held under the sponsorship of Turkish Language Institution, which was established in 1932 by Atatürk, the founder of the modern Turkey. On Tuesday afternoon during the city tour, you will visit Turkish Language Institution. It will be a great honor for us to host you at Turkish Language Institution.
About eighty colleagues are participating in this conference. It is very significant that the meeting is being held in an Altaic country.
During this year, unfortunately we have lost some of the distinguished academicians in this field. A few months ago Ahmet Temir who was the expresident of PIAC, passed away. Ahmet Temir has valuable works in Turkology and Altaistic field. We will have a special session for him.
In the last few months we lost Yaşar Garayev, Tursun Ayup, who are important names in this field. A few days ago we heard that James Hamilton passed away. I would like to commemorate them.
In the mean time I want to inform you about a new book of Professor Zeynep Korkmaz. The last grammar book of Turkish, which is one of the Altaic languages was written by her. It was published two days ago. Turkish Language Institution published this book. I would like to congratulate Professor Zeynep Korkmaz.
Professor Sadık Tural, who is the president of Atatürk Culture Language and History Supreme Council is also here at this conference today. I would like to thank him for his valuable contributions.
Professor Denis Sinor has a great role for the success of PIAC. He is an example of perfect academician. He has also helped us a lot through the whole organization of this conference. Thank you very much Professor Sinor. We are so glad to host you in Turkey.
Finally, I would like to thank Dedeman Büyük Anadolu Hotel management, for their great help. I hope for a successful PIAC meeting.
Thank you.