Proceedings 1978

From the table of contents of volume 4 (1980) of the Journal of Turkish Studies, page III:

B. Chichlo: A propos d’un personnage de la mytologie Altaïenne. pp. 1–7
R. Dankoff: On Nature in Karakhanid Literature. pp. 27–32
E. Esin: Altun-yıš (The Golden Mountain): The Mountain with Metallic Elemental Appurtenance in Turkish Culture and Art of the Kök-Türk Period. pp. 33–47 (pp. 44–47: illustrations)
A. J. Joki: Die altaische Einwirkung auf die uralische Naturterminologie. pp. 57–60
E. Moerloose: Sanskrit loan words in Uighur. pp. 61–78
M. F. Weidlich: The Status of the Word Домог in Modern Mongolian. pp. 207–209

Editor’s Note

Six of the contributions in this volume (those of Chichlo, Dankoff, Esin, Joki, Moerloose, Weidlich) were originally read at the twenty-first meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference, which was held in June of 1978 in Manchester, England. John Andrew Boyle, who was the gracious and generous host at that conference, died in November of the same year.