Lattimore, Eleanor


Eleanor Lattimore, née Holgate, wife of Oven Lattimore, died suddenly in New York on March 21.
Born in Evanston, Illinois, she received a B.A. from  Northwestern University. She and Owen Lattimore were married in Peking in 1923, and their honeymoon was spent on a journey from Peking to India through Central Asia.
This is not the place to mention the works she has written either alone or in collaboration with her husband.At her death she was engaged in editing the autobiography of the late Dilowa Khutuktu.
Those of us who had the privilege of knowing Eleanor Lattimore personally will mourn the passing away of a most gracious lady, charming, unpretentious, and yet endowed with an uncommon understanding not only of the higher issues of human existence but also of the technicues necessary to tackle them successfully. She attended several of the PIAC meetings, and we will miss her at those to come.
Our deepest sympathy goes to Professor Lattimore, a faithful member of the PIAC. May he find solace in continuing his and her work for many years to come for the benefit of all of us.

(Source: Permanent International Altaistic Conference Newsletter No. 5, April 1970, p. 2)