Charles Roskelly Bawden

Charles Roskelly Bawden FBA (22 April 1924 – 11 August 2016), Emeritus Professor of Mongolian, University of London.

Recipient of the PIAC Medal in 2012.


  • 1st Meeting, Mainz 1958
  • 2nd Meeting, Mainz 1959
  • 3rd Meeting, Burg Liebenstein 1960
  • 5th Meeting, Bloomington/Indiana 1962: The Mongol “Conversation Song”
  • 7th Meeting, De Pietersberg 1964
  • 8th Meeting, Wahlscheid 1965: (together with S. Jagchid) Notes on Hunting of Some Nomadic Peoples of Central Asia
  • 9th Meeting, Ravello 1966: (together with S. Jagchid) Notes on the ranks and titles of the Mongol Nobility during Manchu Times